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    Both Exchange Student Zero and Monster Beach will be my next favorite epic new Cartoon Network movies/shows.Cool that Exchange Student Zero is like a reverse Kappa Mikey as much as I enjoyed Kappa Mikey which cartoons having anime characters in it is always awesome/fun.I'll enjoy the new villains from both Exchange Student Zero/Monster Beach which Exchange Student Zero has an evil jerkette sister antagonist/villainess, sweet, she'll be way worse than Judith "Judy" Funnie(Doug)/Shelley Marsh/Dee Dee/Vicky/Princess Azula/Candace Flynn/Brianna Buttowski/Trina put together who were pretty epic/entertaining for me, except for Candace Flynn who gets on my nerves.
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    Well, ESZ premiered today on all Latin American feeds (my feed is from Brazil). The animation is poor and the movie didn't made sense for me.

    They don't explain well the Game Card based on the movie, only the characters are summoned in a row if your card touch the floor. Someday CN LA/MX/AR/BR will launch a webgame available on the Asian websites if you want to play.

    I hope to see the regular serie soon to judge it better. ._. And watch a rerun of the movie in 17/01!

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