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    New pilot: Tome of the Unknown

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    On Friday November 15th, KLIK Festival in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) is going to air a show called CARTOON NETWORK: NEXT GENERATION:
    Cartoon Network's new generation of creators produces shows that appeal to both kids and adults (who are essentially still mostly kids inside, right?). Enjoy the quirky humor that the network has made itself known for in the past few years, with European premieres of Steven Universe and Uncle Grandpa, the popular Regular Show and more.

    After the films we'll establish a live connection with the Cartoon Network studio's in Los Angeles so you can ask Pete Browngardt, showrunner of Uncle Grandpa, all you want. Also don't miss out on the Cartoon Network goodies!

    Clarence (Skyler Page, United States, 2013)
    Regular Show (1)
    Regular Show (2)
    Steven Universe (Rebecca Sugar, United States, 2013)
    Tome of the Unknown (Patrick McHale, United States, 2013)
    Uncle Grandpa (Peter Browngardt, United States, 2013)

    Source: Program 2013

    They won't air any failed pilots like Mars Safari, so I was wondering if Tome of the Unknown will also get its own series?

    The short's already aired on other festivals in September like LA Shorts fest and Ottawa, so is there anyone on ToonZone who has seen it? Here's a synopsis:
    Two brothers, Wirt and Greg, find themselves lost in a mysterious place called the Unknown; a place where long-forgotten stories take shape around them as they search for a way home. Tired of walking, they decide to borrow a car from a romantic songster made of vegetables and head off to the big city.
    Source: Ottawa International Animation Festival

    The story looks very interesting and the animation looks pretty good. You can find some art of it right here. And it also has its own Wikia.

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    Never heard of this show. It looks interesting, but I'm gonna need more info because right now, I can't make much of it other than it looks mystical and the big brother looks like a tall gnome.

    Weird how the "about Patrick McHale" talks about how he died and then says that he's still alive.

    The Deerclops from Don't Starve: Reign of Giants

    If you thought surviving Winter was bad enough, then you never met this cyclopean colossus. Its skinny, yet powerful claws can freeze anything in their path. As an upside, its eye has number of uses... if you can get it out of the Deerclops' head, that is.

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    Next Generation of Animation - Behind The Scenes | Geek Week | Cartoon Network - YouTube
    There were short clips of it from that video. [The same one that revealed the PPG special title]. Looks kind of Adventure Time-esque, but interesting.
    Skip to 3:02 It's only like 8 seconds long.
    So far it could be just a pilot, but it could be something... I wonder if they'll ever release the pilot?

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    I remember from around the time when all the pilots of the shows like Clarence & Lakewood Plaza Turbo was leaked. It's piqued my interest so far. The shading is nice & gives a bit of a different feel from other cartoons, & I like that Elijah Wood is the voice of Wirt.

    If the show has been given the greenlight, then I guess it will premiere next fall on CN.

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    Doesn't look too bad! I'll keep my eye on this one!
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    A linkedin profile currently has somebody working on a mini-series for this. It will get more than one episode.
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    "Tone of the Unknown"? Wow. I wish I was in Amsterdam just to see this. I'm instantly in love with the art style.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RandomMe View Post
    "Tone of the Unknown"? Wow. I wish I was in Amsterdam just to see this. I'm instantly in love with the art style.
    You misspelled it. It's Tome.

    Happy 15th, Family Guy


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