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    Quote Originally Posted by DBTrilogy100 View Post
    Notice the picture of Will shaking hands with Billy Billions? Perhaps that is foreshadowing a future alliance between the two?
    Perhaps them and Captain Nemesis can form the new Negative 10 or Negative 3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DBTrilogy100 View Post
    One of the most frequently recurring villains in the Ben 10 Franchise make their Omniverse debut in this episode!

    *We begin with an alien bus driver giving some humans a tour of Under Town, but things take a turn for the worse when 2 alien crooks appear to rob the innocent tourists!

    *Fortunately, the Plumber Duo arrive to defend the bystanders! Ben transforms into Rath and Rook uses his Proto-Tool, the lowlives are easily taken care of.

    *We then cut to the room of a familiar face watching an Internet video of Will Harangue covering the news story of the attack, with his typical Ben-bashing intact. This familiar face notices something in the video and zooms in to see...some Forever Knights!

    *At Will Harangue's dressing room, the reporter himself gets an unexpected visit from the familiar face earlier, Jimmy Jones, making his Omniverse debut! Apparently, Jimmy doesn't recognize the Forever Knights as he refers to them as "metal humanoids" when talking to Harangue. As expected, Will won't cooperate with Jimmy's requests and demands money while threatening to call security on the boy, instead.

    *After Jimmy leaves the dressing room, Harangue calls someone on the phone to inform them that Jimmy is on to them. The mysterious person assures Harangue that his associates will take care of the situation. Whoever this person is, it's cool to point out that he's voiced by none other than Tim Curry!

    *Rook surfing the Internet (especially when he found the LOL Cats Meme) was absolutely priceless!

    *Jimmy travels to Under Town in the hopes of figuring out more on the Forever Knight, but all the aliens he asks beat around the bush and avoid him. Soon enough, someone has found Jimmy Jones...Sir Morton from Alien Force!

    *Ben and Rook casually talking about Jimmy's blog while Jimmy is being chased by Sir Morton in the background was pretty funny, I must admit!

    *The Plumber Duo immediately give chase in the Proto-TRUK after noticing Jimmy being captured by Sir Morton. Once they catch up, they recognize Morton and notice some more Forever Knights...including the Forever Ninja from the Original Series! Omniverse marks the first show in the Ben 10 Franchise where the Forever Knights are not in every season, especially since they were the only villains to (officially) appear in all seasons prior to Omniverse. Many have also believed the Forever Knights to have been wiped out after the events of Ultimate Alien's "Diagon Saga", but now we know some have survived.

    *Turning into Lodestar, Ben fights the Forever Ninja while Rook takes care of the 2 common knights. Eventually, the duo are able to save Jimmy despite the knights escaping. Jimmy complaining about Ben's hoodie gave me a good chuckle, I must admit. The duo then try to think of a reason as to why the Forever Knights are after Jimmy...

    *Of course, it's confirmed that Will Harangue has formed an alliance with the Forever Knights and he goes to see the latest leader to complain about suspicions of his involvement. It is revealed that the newest Forever King is Dr. Joseph Chadwick from Alien Force, whom Tim Curry had voiced there as well! Chadwick assures Harangue that he'll be back on top in the ratings department (after snarking about how Harangue kissed up to the Incurseans back in the Incursean Saga) thanks to the funding he's provided for Chadwick's new machine, that will turn aliens into humans!

    *After Harangue leaves in excitement, Sir Morton asks if the machine can really do such a thing, but Chadwick admits that he wasn't being completely honest. At first, Chadwick is infuriated to learn that Jimmy is under Ben's watch now, but then realizes they can put the Omnitrix to "good use"...

    *The Proto-TRUK is truckin' along Under Town, where Ben and Rook eventually relent and take up Jimmy's suggestion to find out what the remnant of the Forever Knights is up to...

    *Back at the Forever Knight Base, Chadwick monitors the Proto-TRUK and upgrades Morton's DNA Scanner so that it will act as a genetic disruptor...

    *Morton unleashes a stampede of alien cattle in order to get Ben's attention, which succeeds as Ben transforms into Snare-Oh to bring them back to their pen with Rook's help. When Morton and the other knights appear, Ben attempts to transform into an alien...only for Morton to use the scanner to absorb them. Rook catches on to this and warns Ben, leaving them with little option of how else to fight them!

    *Ben and Rook are now being held prisoner in the Remnant Forever Knights' Base, Ben in particular is trapped in a forcefield made of the same substance as the genetic disruptor. Rook has to point this out to him as Ben he tries changing into some more aliens. Chadwick reveals himself to the duo and reveals that he plans to take the Omnitrix from Ben by cutting his hand off!

    *Growing bored of waiting, Jimmy grows bored of waiting and decides to start driving the Proto-TRUK, which goes as well as one would expect from someone who isn't old enough to get a driver's license.

    *Back at the Remnant Forever Knights' Base, Harangue barges in to complain some more, but is gladly surprised to see Ben captured. Ben calls Harangue out on his fertilizer and tries to warn him of what Chadwick is really planning, but the reporter stubbornly refuses to listen. Chadwick tries to smooth talk Harangue and offers to walk him back to his car to keep him from learning the truth, giving the Plumber Duo time to think of a plan. However, they are limited in options as their tools were confiscated...

    *It's at that moment when Jimmy in the Proto-TRUK breaks through the wall! The resourceful fan quickly sets Ben and Rook free just in time for when the Remnant Forever Knights return! Ben tries to transform into Four Arms, but Morton still has the DNA Scanner on hand! Fortunately, Rook destroys it, thus allowing Ben to transform without fear!

    *Ben changes into Wildmutt and proceeds to rip up parts of the machine while Rook fights the knights! Chadwick claims they still have enough information despite these interferences...only to then get knocked out by Jimmy hitting him with a wrench!

    *Alas, the the machine is still about to go off with no way to stop it! Jimmy, however, says there's still hope if Ben transforms into Grey Matter...but the Omnitrix turns him into Jury Rigg instead! None the less, Jury Rigg manages to stop the machine, but Rook suspects he did something else...

    *We then cut to a penthouse, quickly learning that it's Will Harangue's penthouse! The reporter wakes up, though he remains out of the viewer's sight. Notice the picture of Will shaking hands with Billy Billions? Perhaps that is foreshadowing a future alliance between the two?

    *The episode ends with Will Harangue (and us, the viewers) learning that he has been transformed into an alien! Talk about irony! Does this mean Harangue will now become a "traditional villain"? I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

    I found this episode to be a very good one! It was good to see the Forever Knights again after their extended absence and I like how Chadwick has become an "ascended extra" now that he's the Forever King, more Tim Curry is always a good thing! Rook Internet surfing and meeting Jimmy was also pretty funny. Will's transformation at the end surprised me and makes me curious what he'll do in his future appearances. I wonder what the next episode will have in store for us.
    Perhaps you already got my message but I have ideas for comments for your commentary review of Omniverse in "Mud is Thicker Than Water".

    "Ah, yes. Lucy makes her Omniverse debut and she's grown up."

    "Psycho Psyphon is at it again!"

    (About the look on Gwen's face)
    "Uh-oh. Gwen looks like she's on a sugar rush or ready to slug her cousin."

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    I'm pretty late to the party, but s'all good :P Just saw the ep and I have a few obvsrv points:

    - Forever Knights are competent again? Woah-oh?? Hehe...
    - The animation looked more fluid and "cartoony" or more expressive.
    - During the transitions between scenes, I noticed movie-like sequences, which was pretty cool.
    -Also, I felt a more anime vibe, from the fight scenes. Rook's triple kick was surprisingly awesome.
    - acting feels more natural too
    From the beginning of this new series, I could tell these guys were having a blast creating this show. You can just feel it. Just so much more dynamic than the previous series, and its amazing how stand alone each episode is, yet there's still character development and story.
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