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    Anyone notice in the opening Techmo' Halloween costume was Spike from Cowboy Bebop? I saw what you did there Regular Show .

    Anyway nice episode. My favorite had to be Muscleman pumpkin story. Really creepy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toon4Thought View Post
    Okay, so the first halloween special they did felt like, at least for me, little more than random segments of the series slapped together (in fact, I believe they did air as standalone segments afterward).
    I caught one of them a month or so ago. It was the third segment of the first one. And it had its own title card to match the rest of the Regular Show cartoons. I'll have to look it over again and see if there was any unique stuff in it.

    I haven't watched the brand new one yet. (They did show a preview clip from it back in August when they had the "Big Fan Weekend" marathon.)

    Leads me to a question: Over the last few months I've been trying to collect the various Regular Shows (I bought the Seasons 1 and 2 DVD set). I have noticed that for the longer "special" ones, like the Christmas one, the Halloween ones and last year's season premiere ("Exit 9B"), they don't seem to be repeating those in rotation with the rest. Well, I just picked up the three Halloween ones, and I'm guessing the Christmas one might show up around the holidays, but how about "Exit 9B," where the park gets destroyed? I missed it first time around, am I out of luck?

    Of course, once I get them all, that's when the rest of them will come out on BluRay!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark The Shark View Post
    How about "Exit 9B," where the park gets destroyed? I missed it first time around, am I out of luck?
    I honestly have no idea why they never air this one, seeing as how it isn't seasonal like the other half-hour episodes. (It's my favorite episode of the series, too... isn't that a sad coincidence) You could buy it off Amazon or iTunes, though.

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