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    Like This Thread!
    Dexter's Laboratory Revival-Some of the episodes i liked even more than the original. I didn't like the new format(9m,4m,9m) Though. Fortunatley season 4 solved that problem.
    My Gym Partner's A Monkey-Hilarious wild cartoon.The only part i didnt like was the grossout aspect of the show.
    Fly Tales-Really obscure yet incredibly hilarious short cartoon about a fly pondering life.It's so obscure it's wikipedia page looks like this:link
    NOTE:This show is where my profile picture comes from.
    Robotomy-Wild cartoon about robots on a planet ripping each other to bits for the sake of ripping each other to bits.Not evreyone's cup of tea,but mine.
    Sheep in the big city-My all time favorite cartoon network show.It's hilarious and i actually(unlike others)like the art style.
    Whatever Happened To Robot Jones-Nice art style,with a funny vibe and fun to watch show.
    Squirrel Boy-Rodney was a hilarious jerk.Funny show.
    Time Squad-I still belive eli whitney built flesh-eating robots.
    Flapjack-Hilarious cartoon,definetly one of my favorites from the Noods Era(my favorite era,belive it or not)
    Fat Dog Mendoza-Ugly looking,incredibly weird,yet hilarious forgotten CN show.
    Secret Mountain Fort Awesome was OK.
    Johnny Test's early seasons were OK.

    Personally,I like most to all CN shows,besides there live action shows.

    The only animated stuff i didnt like was Problem Solvers,Annoying Orange,Out of jimmys head,and Ben 10 omniverse.
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    From the originals, I really liked Mike Lu and Og. I loved the setting and idea of kids stranded on an island. The characters were goofy and I enjoyed watching them. I wanted to know more about the island they were on. Plus I liked the theme song. Overall I found the series simply relaxing. It caught my attention and sticked. It wasn't my favorite Cartoon Cartoon, but it was decent.

    I also used to watch Time Squad a lot, just to see who they'll meet and what can they do. The animation made the people look funny and reminded me of Horrible Histories.

    Apart from these two, I have fond memories of many World Premiere Toons/What A Cartoon Show! pilots that never became a series - almost all of them come to mind, but George and Junior's Christmas Spectacular, Mina and the Count and Kitchen Kasanova were probably my favorite.

    From the newer ones it has to be Secret Mountain Fort Awesome and Robotomy. These too I feel failed too quickly. They felt a bit like Adult Swim shows, so that may be the reason, but I wanted to see more from them nonetheless.

    Worth mentioning are also Thundercats, but they got what they deserved. Half of the show was amazing, but the other half of it was terrible. I had bigger expectations, so I'm not going to be defending it.

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    I like Secret Mountain Fort Awesome.

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    I only saw the first two episodes of Megas XLR but I missed the rest, sadly. I liked Juniper Lee at first until they did the episode were Ray Ray had to get a replacement body. Plus, I watched 2007 George of the Jungle for one reason only - Magnolia.
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