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    Well, glad that's finally solved.

    Well shows like TLTS and Johnny Test can apparently get pretty good ratings with reruns, so they're kept around even when they have nothing new to air.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SAGG View Post
    I'm reading all sorts of stuff about it, from it not being on CN's schedule for May 3rd, to it not being on at all anytime soon. What's up?
    I've noticed that too. I think they're doing what they did last season, saying they'll air it at a specific time and then holding it off until months later. They also haven't said anything about when the new season of the Looney Tunes show is supposed to start. This is really upsetting me and I don't even get Cartoon Network. Could you imagine how I'd feel if I did?

    Cartoon Network may be thinking of premiering the new season in June, since that's when all the other shows are premiering and returning. If they don't air it in June, then I would start getting a bit worried... I would hope that at least Cartoon Network will release the episodes on their website if they don't plan to air it on TV.
    I hope you're right since that's only a month from now. We'll just have to keep our finges crossed.
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