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    Quote Originally Posted by ToonsLover View Post
    That makes more sense, thanks for clearing that up. I'm happy we're going further in time then, but Omniverse definitely looks like it'll be trying to follow the older series a lot more closely. Is this gonna be from the same people that worked on AF/UA? Honestly, I think new writers are needed.
    I believe it's been confirmed that new writers will be brought in for Omniverse. (I think that they're some of the same writers as in Transformers Animated and Scooby-Doo: Mystery Inc.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaotix12345 View Post
    I believe it's been confirmed that new writers will be brought in for Omniverse. (I think that they're some of the same writers as in Transformers Animated and Scooby-Doo: Mystery Inc.)
    Indeed, i can't pic a story similar to AF UA in the new Omniverse because it does show it has alot more energy especially when it comes to fight scenes.
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    I finally got a chance to see the finale and I thought it was okay. Even though I realized what would happened to Dagon when I saw the promos for the new episode, I was still kind of disappointed with how Vilgax absorbed him to become stronger. After all of that buildup to his reveal, Ben using Ultimate Way Big, which did have a pretty nice design, and George's death, it felt like a cheap way to make Ben be able to defeat Dagon. He clearly couldn't have if Vilgax didn't basically become Dagon. I thought that he also figured out how to use the sword a bit too quickly, but Ben getting knight armor looked pretty cool.

    I didn't really like that whole Ben feeling tempted by that power. I can see where they were going with it, especially when both Gwen and Kevin dealt with temptations about their own powers before, but it felt way too forced and out of nowhere for my tastes. Even with having more power, Ben really shouldn't have listened to Vilgax, or at least not so quickly when he placed the thought into his mind. Maybe if there was more buildup to Ben being tempted by this power, it could have worked out better. I liked the use of clips from the last two series though. I actually forgot that Julie had escaped with Ship until she appeared. It was kind of cool to see Ben get his new Ometrix. I also thought it was a really nice touch to include that in memory of Dwyane McDuffie.

    Overall, I thought it was an okay finale at best. The buildup to Dagon's confrontation was wasted with Vilgax absorbing him, it felt like they were dragging this fight out, especially with the first episode where Ben and the others were just fighting for the majority of the episode, and I agree that this felt more like a season finale more so than a series finale. I'm not sure if I even enjoyed this season more than the last one. While the first season finale had its share of problems, the fight against Ultimate Kevin was at least engaging and there was more energy put behind it in my opinion. Aggregor was a boring villain, so despite the wasted buildup, I would give Dagon more credit as a villain since he actually felt intimidating. It might be about equal, but Ultimate Alien, as a whole, just leaves a "meh" feeling for me. I'm hoping that Omniverse will be more enjoyable and interesting. Even though the character designs do make them look younger, especially sixteen year old Ben, the artwork looks better in animation than I thought it would, the new aliens look pretty cool and I'm hoping that the new writers will help to make Omniverse leave a better impression on me than Ultimate Alien did.

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    Pretty much the pap I've come to expect from this show. Every twist was very predictable and the end was particularly bad. It was kinda nice for this production team to get an in-show chance to say 'This is where we step down' but the idea of Ben being tempted to make a perfect universe at the cost of free will fell flat. Really, I haven't liked this entire season arc at all but then I preferred when the Forever Knights were just alien relic collecting conspirators, not some many splintered faction married to Monty Python and the Holy Grail routines.

    Really, I'm not sad to see this go at all. The constant retcons and dull characters turned what was a funny, silly show into an awkward teen drama with boring fight scenes in between. I really hope the next series is a return to actually having fun.

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