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    We're The Good Bad Girls Trapped By Love

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    Did you know you can download The Hex Girls music for FREE from the Scooby Doo: Mystery, Incorporated Sound Cloud page?

    Here's "We're The Good, Bad Girls".


    "Trap Of Love"


    Rude Boy & The Ska-Tastics "Yer Dead Right, Mate".


    "Yer Dead Right We're The Good, Bad Girls" Music Mash Up.


    The SD:MI page has other Scooby Doo: Mystery, Incorporated songs and background music too.


    The Scooby Doo: Mystery, Incorporated Official Tumblr has all the same music PLUS a music mash up of the original and updated versions of "Hex Girl" and "Earth, Wind, Fire, & Air". Though both of those are unavailable for download. No "Who Do Voodoo?" either.

    I posted too soon! 24 hours later all 3 songs are available to download!!!! That's right a clearer (though not clear) version of "Who Do Voodoo?" now exists so you can now hear the lyrics. Why WB felt the need to obscure it during "Legend Of The Vampire" is the REAL mystery.

    "Earth, Wind, Fire, & Air" music mash up


    "Hex Girl" music mash up


    "Who Do Voodoo?"


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    could work if well written

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    Yes, the Hex Girls should have their own show.

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    Hex Girls Spin Off Speculation No More

    During the time Scooby Doo: Mystery, Incorporated was on there really was speculation on Warner Brothers part to spin The Hex Girls off into their own show.

    Before I let you go, I wanted to ask what it was like recording songs for the Scooby Doo episode that aired last year.

    I think that was probably the epitome of my career. It was fantastic having a tune in “Clueless” or “She’s Having A Baby” or “Grosse Pointe Blank,” all those big films. It was great. But to get a chance to be a part of “Scooby Doo,” that I loved so much since I was a kid, was just tremendous! The two songs we’d done did amazingly well. There was even talk of The Hex Girls spinning off and having their own show [because] the song we’d given to them was so good – “The Good Bad Girls.”

    It was excellent. One of the most exciting recording I’d ever done. Sadly, they’re used to all being done on computers now, so they were expecting me to come in with a laptop with all the music done on computers and [have] me just sing and that was it. We turned up with a drum kit and bass amp and guitars and keyboards.

    And it made the difference, because it did sound like two bands actually playing. Which it was.

    Recorded music is fine and programmed music is fine but the reason why there is aPollstar and why anybody would bother going out at night to a concert is there’s magic. There’s magic is live instruments being played in front of you, something happens over and above the sum of the notes.

    A Little Tenderness From Dave Wakeling | Pollstar

    And here's this little extra tidbit.

    MR: In the United States, your music was featured in High Fidelity, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off…
    DW: …and Clueless, that’s the big one. “Tenderness” was in Clueless, and then you’ve got Gross Pointe Blank and then the Scooby Doo episode entitled “Dance Of The Undead,” which is probably my greatest artistic creation to date, frankly. There are two songs in this battle of the bands and the songs are so well-matched against each other it takes Scooby Doo to come in on all fours–or the two back ones, anyway–shredding guitar to win it for the Hex Girls versus the power of the song we wrote. That was really one of my proudest moments.
    MR: There’s something about The English Beat meeting Scooby Doo that just seems right.
    DW: I met one of the original writers who drew me a very nice picture and he told me a lot of stories about those original sessions at Hanna-Barbara in the valley, and I’m right on the same page. I knew it even as a kid, but when I checked, yep, I knew it.


    Personally, I think "The Good Bad Girls" needed more verses and content. The title has so much potential that I think was left on the table. "Trap Of Love" is probably their best song along with "Hex Girl" and "Earth Wind, Fire, And Air".

    Too bad Cartoon Network doesn't want any shows with female leads. A Hex Girls cartoon should be a slam dunk. What made Warner Brothers not want to go through with a Hex Girls spin off? They could make a OVA with them to test the waters. Or have them appear in the Scooby Doo comic. Or even in Be Cool, Scooby Doo. Although, I don't know what they would look like in that style.

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    With a change in regime at CN, maybe there's still hope. A Hex Girls spinoff would be nice, but WB would be wise to test the waters with a DTV starring the Girls, w/a brief Scooby-Doo cameo. Scooby always sells.

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