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    I think physical media will always exist, but just be more and more marginalized. Well, there are still people who buy vinyl for the nostalgia, so I guess that's the kind of place that Blu-rays will end up occupying.

    I don't have the greatest internet connection in the world so at the moment I'd still rather stick with physical media for things with big filesizes. Like I'd rather buy a disk for a video game than leave my computer on all day for a 20GB game to download. Driving out and buying the game is still faster. Only time I do it is when there's a flash sale on Steam. Who could argue with Bioshock Infinite for 5 bucks?! But eventually games will all be streamed over cloud services anyway, and I'm sure I'll have a good internet connection in the future, so.

    Music was the first one to go all-digital - I think we can officially proclaim physical albums dead, they have been for a while now - and television and movies have basically gone that way, with with Netflix and all, with a little more resistance though. The one thing I personally will always hold out on is books. I know they make great e-readers nowadays. But I want my physical books, and I don't care if I'm one of the few left on the planet who clings to them.

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    We still have a Family Video in the town I live. Although, I do not rent things much anymore. I've always preferred physically having something, whether it's a DVD or video game.

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