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    Quote Originally Posted by GatorMan92 View Post
    Football is easily my favorite sport, especially the college level of the game.
    Hard to put my finger on it, but there is something "special" about college or even minor league sports. In 2010 I got really wrapped up in the College World Series. UCLA did incredible and went all the way to the Finals, but it was so upsetting when they lost. I'd never watched college baseball before that, but for some reason it just sort of clicked and I got so into it.

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    Ever since I was a kid I loved soccer , though I'm not really good at it.

    I love to run a lot so a game that involves running and kicking a ball feels natural I suppose.

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    Competitive dressage:

    .... well, i'm not exactly there^ yet, but competing is my ultimate goal; it'll take a while (and lots of money) to get to that level, and i'm willing to invest the effort since apparently i have a natural talent for this stuff. For now though, i'm happy taking lessons and cross country (not trail) riding. And yes, this is a sport, a very grueling one when it comes to those freaking stamina exercises my teacher puts me through (no stopping until my legs feel like noodles).

    Other sports? Well, i took a couple ballroom classes in college and absolutely loved it. if i could afford it, i would still be taking lessons; but i'm perfectly content watching Dancing with the Stars every monday and tuesday nights (loves me some yummy Derek Hough ).

    As far as watching but not playing, obviously soccer. I get Fifa fever every 4 years...
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