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    This thread seems to come around every year...
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    True story: While in my random 2 AM google searches, for some reason I googled the president of Nickelodeon, Cyma Zhargami, and saw this Facebook page called "Fire Cyma Zhargami as Head of Nickelodeon." Because I love seeing those annoying, nostalgia-goggle wearing 90's kids act like idiots, I looked at the page, and what they do is link anything that speaks badly about the three kid networks, and some were of the Nickelodeon Ratings Discussion on Toonzone. Naturally, since I was an obsessed ratings buff, and crazy for animation, I decided to be a part of the conversation. I stayed in the Nicktoons forum and chatted there, and then I slowly went to the others, and now here I am.
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    Searching for EEnE stuff, I stumble across some site about Cartoon Network and it's shows. (Still archived on Nick and More.) The main page was, at the time, linking to an announcement for a "CN Blox", which, sadly never materialized. I slowly delved into the world of Toonzone, and also through Platypus Comix.

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    I haven't a clue - I made a log in before this current one, but apparently was typing the wrong PW, and it wasn't the one associated with the e-mail. I think that was in 2010... 'maybe' 2009.

    This may be wrong, but all I can think about is coming to it from another website, where someone had a link in a signature or a post. The only other idea is I found it on a web search when searching a specific show and this site came up in the results because of a dealing with it. In any case, what's important, is I'm here now
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    I discovered TZ shortly after I learned about The X Bridge (CNX at the time). I think that was back in 2000.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daikun View Post
    I discovered TZ shortly after I learned about The X Bridge (CNX at the time). I think that was back in 2000.
    Same boat. I started with CNX and the Revolution Board and when Jeff pulled up stakes and moved it over to TZ, I moved along with it. The Board survived for a while longer, but it turned into a giant mess before it exploded, never to be seen again.
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