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    The Official Gadget Cat from the Future Store – Doraemon Shop

    Doraemon Waving T-Shirt | Hot Topic

    Doraemon merch seems to be out now, though I'm not sure if any of these besides the Hot Topic shirt are retail, I'll probably go buy the shirt but I don't really like going to Hot Topic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MysteriousGhost View Post
    Don't mean to burst your bubble, but adding segments explaining the Japanese cultural references would've not been such a great idea. If they added that, then the episodes would've been shortened in order to make room for the segments. Shortening episodes just to add a segment not present in the original version is not a good strategy to do.

    I read once that the DIC dubbed episodes of Sailor Moon were shortened in order to make room for the "Sailor Says" segments. I also read that in the Japanese dub of MLP: Friendship is Magic, episodes were shortened in order to make room for the Japanese opening and ending themes (which are longer). Shortening the episodes actually caused a plot-hole in one or more episodes (I'm not sure how many episodes though).

    Nonetheless, I'm not against the idea of retaining the Japanese culture in the English dub. They honestly should've done that instead of Americanizing the dub.
    Well the show on Disney XD doesn't have much in the way of openings or endings. So maybe drop the expository opening for just like an opening logo and add something in that way. Either way, it doesn't matter. It won't happen. I always just wish shows would break the mold so to speak and try things different. Like a show like Doraemon embracing the cultural differences and maybe trying to teach kids something regardless of time issues. Old TV molds are breaking a lot these days, so that's why I wouldn't mind seeing them change for children's TV as well.
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    Doraemon is easily my favorite awesome popular classic anime comedy, I'm happy Disney XD finally brought it, after seeing a few episodes, it's pretty hilarious/enjoyable/wacky with all the crazy situations happening from Doraemon's gadgets and other crazy parts.The dub is awesome and cool that it's finally dubbed.

    Both Doraemon, Noby, Sue, Dorami(she's cute), Big G, Sneech, Little G, Ace Goody, Mr. S, Tammy(best mother), Toby, Nobirou, Soby, Nobie, Nobisuke, Noby's grandmother, Nobiru, Tamao, Mrs. Minamoto, Yoshio, Mr. & Mrs. Gouda, Muku, Big G's uncle, Mr. & Mrs. Honekawa, Sunekichi, Stan, Anna, Moteo, and Sarah Ivy were all awesome likable enjoyable characters for all their enjoyable moments throughout the comedy show.Doraemon/Noby's chemistry was so funny/great, and funny that both Tammy, Mrs. Gouda, and Mrs. Honekawa look like their sons, hehehe.

    Both Doraemon and Dorami were my favorite awesome funny anime cat characters for their funny moments.First anime cats to have no ears, hehehe.

    Both Big G(Takeshi/Gian) and Sneech(Suneo) were my favorite funny entertaining minor bullies/punks whose tormenting actions on poor Noby were funny/enjoyable, but Big G's soft sides/heart of gold was so sweet next to other best anime bullies' soft sides like Toji(Neon Genesis Evangelion), King Dedede, Dex/Chaude(Megaman: NT Warrior), Tatsuki/Uryu/Renji/Ganju(Bleach), Haruhi Suzumiya, and Ryuji(Bon)'s for example.

    Both Mona Marshall, Johnny Bosch, Cassandra Morris, Brian Beacock, Wendee Lee, Spike Spencer, Cristina Valenzuela, Keith Silverstein, Mari Devon, Tony Oliver, Dorothy Elias-Fahn, Derek Prince, and Kirk Thornton were all amazing as Doraemon, Noby, Sue, Sneech, Dorami, Ace Goody, The Mini-Doras, Mr. S, Tammy, Toby, Mrs. Honekawa, Stan, and Mr. Gouda on their funny characters in the Doraemon dub.

    The terrible edits didn't bother me though.
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    One of the few things that bothered me about the first season is that Dorami only got one appearance and we don't even have a (reliable) source of her voice actress. I heard that she appeared in the original version of "Go to the Doctor, Doraemon!" (a.k.a. in original, "Doraemon is Really Sick?") but her scenes were cut out in the dub.

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    Kinda late to the party but Hong Kong viewers are saddened by the loss of voice actor Lam Po-Chuen who has been the voice of Doraemon for over 30 years (including the 2005 reboot). He died on January 2nd, 2015 at the age of 63. He even resembles Doraemon with the round shaped head!

    His final reprisal as Doraemon will next be seen in the Cantonese dub of "Stand By Me: Doraemon 3D" opening in theatres February 5th in Hong Kong.
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