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    ANN Interview with Bahi JD.

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    This guy is seriously awesome. I hope to work on animation one day, but in a more behind the scenes way. Still, this guy is amazing!

    The Space Dandy Interview: Part II - Bahi JD - Anime News Network

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    It's nice to see BahiJD interviewed by a 'major' site. His previous interview with Anipages was great, but I'm glad to see him go further into the detail of discussing specific works and animators' skills. The note about Iso Mitsuo and full-limited animation is important to make. You can give an average animator a lot of drawings but it doesn't matter if they're not a good animator. I'm also glad to see him talking about flash and other digital techniques and getting it out there that they aren't terrible for creating hand drawn animation, the terrible use of them are what is so terrible.

    I also just noticed that Bahi added the number of drawings to his infamous short. Even back in 2009 he was able to make 1,651 drawings go a long way.
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