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    Episode 213

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    Well just now Lucy finally figured she has to fight. I mean took her long enough.

    While Gajeel looked silly being turned into those animals, he was badass taking down those beasts though, he made that bear his well you know. I wonder what Levy would think if she saw Gajeel like that, Gemini they are so adorable, even though they are little psychos.

    Okay Erza battle was kind of dull, you know what can't complain, nice to see Erza have a friendly fair fight with someone, enjoy Erza, you ain't going to get that in the future, and I loved her cowgirl outfit, if only Bisca could have saw that.

    So we are towards the climax of this arc, I wonder how this will conclude, hopefully all this silliness is setup for epicness.

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    Both Gajeel/Panther Lily being turned into squirrels is so funny/weird, hahahahahahaha.

    Eclipse Gemini are SO CUTE little psychopath siblings, so cute.

    Cowgirl Erza is so hot/awesome.

    Eclipse Ophiuchus is so awesome/hot and yet another epic evil psycho nurse next to Miyo Takano, hahahahaha, I'm so glad to be a Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni fan, but her true form being a giant serpent/snake with a nice design was pretty sweet.

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