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    Is it just me, or does the Zeon Zum Daikun scene come across as a little more comedic than dramatic?

    That tiny bit of cynicism aside, I'm fairly interested in what this will add to the Gundam storyline since I haven't read the books. Kind of appropriate that with Unicorn representing "the end" of the UC they'd go all the way back to the beginning next year.

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    Well this is hopeful. As far as I'm aware this is the new Origin sequel starting in the latest Ace in three days time, so to see it online early, officially and in English...nice!

    I appreciate Yas' world view. He seems to write from the heart, which makes it all the more refreshing that he's so open minded. There's a stigma about Japanese creators, especially older ones, having questionable opinions on things internationally so this is very reassuring. Plus storyline wise he's having alot of fun revisiting these characters in the gap between the war and Zeta.

    Which means I can continue to generally ignore Zeta Define, the pseudo 'Zeta: The Origin' continuation.

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    So a similar format to Unicorn. I figured that would work pretty well, although it's a shame that we won't get the start of it until 2015. With a TV series I figured we'd at least get a YouTube stream like Build Fighters, but with this Unicorn-like format, the chances of getting the same deal with a simultaneous Blu-ray release seem much higher, and NYAV Post could keep their reprising cast members consistent. That also implies Unicorn-level production values and attention to detail, and while their past several Gundam anime properties have been quite pretty (well, I haven't seen AGE), getting the Origin adapted in the same way as Unicorn is about the best Gundam news I could hope for.

    So it'll be in arcs, the first of which is four episodes, and Char appears to be the main character? I assume there will be more arcs of similar lengths, with at least some actually starring Amuro? Considering Unicorn was one project and it took over four years for seven episodes (the last and longest of which wasn't announced from the beginning), I wonder how long it will take to finish this.
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