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    Quote Originally Posted by veemonjosh View Post
    Wait, where does it say that on that article?
    Bah, knew I should have checked the article before replacing links. Kei mentioned it over on the forums.

    Quote Originally Posted by kei17
    A sneak preview of the Buu arc for the media was held at Fuji TV today, and an article about it has been published on Nikkan Sports.
    ???????????????? - ?????? : nikkansports.com

    However, oddly enough, one sentence that refers to the episode count has been immediately removed. Here's the cache of the article: ドラゴンボール改続編は魔人ブウ編 - 芸能ニュース : nikkansports.com

    This says that the show will air for one year and the episode count got cut in half.
    I suspect this information was recanted by request.

    It also appears that the series will begin with episode #99 instead of starting with a new episode #1. I guess episode #98, which was never aired and only released on home video as Episode Extra, will now return to being episode #98. Yeesh, what a mess this series has been.

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    New commercial

    Update, now in HD

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