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    Finally watched this. It was rather fun! Obviously it's not the most philosophical film around, but it has the appeal of a Hollywood summer blockbuster. I don't think you'll find more collateral damage in any anime film with the exception of...Akira. It plays a lot like a Bruckheimer film. Maybe that is a bad thing for most people, but I thought it was kinda neat to see the attempt at true big-budget bang-zoom anime spectacle.

    I was also surprised how good the dub was. I actually thought Ray was voiced by a boy until halfway through the film when I realized that there wasn't anybody else in the film who Anna Paquin could be playing. (The only major female in the film was so obviously Kari Wahlgren. I'd spot her voice anywhere)

    Fine job, Anna.

    I'd say this is a film I'd show friends if they want to "veg out" on a Hollywood style blockbuster, but with the unique fact that it is 2D animated.

    Anyone else want to comment? Slag the film, defend it, whatever.

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    Watched it around when it first came out 6 or 7 years ago. From what I remember, it was a great movie.

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    Like Akira, it's a great visual spectacle. I think it's a really solid movie or story. I like Ray and his grandfather a lot. I also think it's a quality English dub. I do find the writing at times though very clunky as well as the dialogue.
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