I'm still shocked that Oha Coro was reduced to 15 minutes, it was bad enough when they aired four shows in a half hour, four in 15 minutes is ridiculous. BackuTech is literally a long toy commercial, and that's a shame because the manga is actually a lot of fun, nothing ground breaking, but rather solid and entertaining. BakuTech could have worked rather decently as a 10-15 minute per episode show, that worked well enough for Duel Masters Victory, despite that horrible animation.

I figured Bakugan was popular (and successful enough) that whoever produces it would want to continue the full length shows because it seemed like they printed money. BakuTech is essentially a slightly longer version of those DaGeDar shorts that used to air on Toonzai - only those actually looked decent. I know it was a failure in Japan the first time around, but I really thought this was one of those properties where the American market could sustain it for a lot longer. (and it must have been decent in Japan if they would even bother making a new show)

I loved Hyper Yo-Yo Burning and I hated that it only ran 8 minutes or so per episode, but even that managed to form a rather nice narrative over 52 episodes, I don't see any way BakuTech can do that.