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    The storyboard sure was great, but I'm not sure the animation was quite up to par with episode #309 (Aizen's defeat) or episode #341 (Kageroza's defeat). Still, incredible boarding, espicially with that blood. I don't think they brought in Kameda Yoshimichi, which is a shame.
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    Really great animation for that final battle. Of course, with no more content to use the budget on, it's only natural that it would be able to look so much better than it almost ever does. And that's the end. I'm sure it will come back for another arc, but they may wait until the manga is over, so it will probably be a longer wait than the one year between the first two seasons of Gintama (and likely between the second one and a yet unannounced third one). For now, anyway, this was a good ending. Obviously it's left open for more, but it's not like InuYasha where they clearly haven't accomplished their goal. The series as a whole could easily end at this point, just as it could have after Aizen's defeat. It does seem a little strange to have it end on an arc that only lasted two cours, after the previous filler arc was just as long and the previous canon arc was a stupid amount of years long. Assuming the final arc ends up being closer in length to that arc than it is to this one, this actually seems like the strangest arc to end it on, as it will almost definitely end up being the shortest one. At least they didn't end up having to end it on a filler arc, and at least this arc came to its proper conclusion nicely.

    I'd usually say something about the series as a whole, but... this is Bleach. Over the past 366 episodes, I'm sure I've said everything I have to say about the series as a whole. Not bad overall.

    Series Grade: B-
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    I just finished watching 366 and it was a pretty good way to end the anime. The animation was just top notch and I loved how Ichigo vs Ginjo was handled. Ichigo's decision as a whole wasn't surprising, but it really did leave this anime on a great ending note. Everything is resolved and a new beginning can occur whenever.

    This might have been the first time where I was kind of disappointed not to see a filler arc after this, mostly because it's hard to let go of something that you've been watching weekly for years.

    The anime overall was great and I deeply appreciated all the extra content in filler when it came to the Zanpakutos, Bounts, and the Kagaroza arc. ....Yep, I didn't include the Amagai arc in there for a reason .

    Overall Grade:B The story itself is obviously not perfect, but who cares? I've seen worse storyboards and Pierrot always tries so hard to make things even more interesting than they originally are. People seem to always find something to pick on Bleach for, meanwhile their reasons are completely exaggerated and it turns out 80% of the time they are just "hardcore" Naruto/One Piece fans.

    My last request- Tite Kubo, pleaseeee let Riruka come back in the manga. That is all.

    Until a few more years, later Ichigo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChibiGoku View Post
    They also ended with a on screen note about Ichigo's profile, which I thought was interesting. Not sure WHY they put it there, but, eh.
    That's a reference to the first chapter/episode. Ichigo is introduced through his profile, and then at the end of the chapter/episode, the part about him being a substitute soul reaper is added at the end. They also show his profile (without the soul reaper part) at the beginning of this arc.
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    A nice last episode. They did rush through the fight and the epiloque. But I liked the credit and post credit epiloque.

    I don't know what Kira has against Rose, I could see Shinji driving him to drink, but Rose. Soi Fon apprentely doesn't blond guys. And Yuzu knows about Ichigo being a shingami? I wonder if that is true in the manga, we will see. I wonder if Karen and Yuzu know about Isshin?

    I am sure Bleach will be back someday.

    And RockmanDash the way things are going in the latest chapter, I wouldn't be surprised if Riruka cameback, but since the current plot has nothing to do with humans, not anytime soon, besides she just left, so it could be a while.

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    It was sad to see it ending, especially on this story arc in which I didn't find the story line or fight scenes interesting at all.

    I hope to see Bleach come back to animate the rest of the manga.

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    Farewell Bleach!!!!!!

    Episode 366 was an awesome/beautiful finale and sweet epilogue,

    The highlights:
    Ichigo vs. Kugo final battle, pretty awesome, but it would've lasted longer, oh well.
    Toshiro's speech, pretty nice.
    Ichigo defeating/killing Kugo, awesome.
    R.I.P. Kugo Ginjo/Giriko, you were great awesome nasty new villains.
    I'm happy Shukuro is alive though, yaaaaay!!!!!
    Riruka taking the hit from Shukuro, sweet.
    Riruka's speech to Shukuro, beautiful, Riruka ROCKS!!!!!!
    Shukuro's backstory flashback when Kugo meets him, beautiful.
    Yaaaaay, Jackie is alive.
    Awwww, Moe helping Shukuro, very nice.
    Farewell Riruka and her thanks to everyone was beautiful!!!!!!!
    The Fullbringers' happy ending was wonderful which they'll all move on with their lives.
    Nice to finally see the Visoreds: Shinji/Rojuro(Rose)/Kensei, YAAAAAAY, but no Lisa/Mashiro/Hachigan, rats.
    Ichigo's decision speech to Genryusai, sweet.
    Ichigo's goodbye to Rukia, nice.
    Nice to see Hanataro.
    Izuru Kira being drunk, hahahahahahaha, but has against Rojuro(Rose), interesting.
    Nice to see Momo, but Rangiku's boobs to Toshiro, hahahahahaha.
    The jerk Soi Fon's hatred on poor Kisuke, hahahahahaha, and Izuru!?
    Yaaaaaaay, nice to finally see the jerk Hiyori who's so funny bashing on poor Shinji.
    Nice to see Mayuri/Nemu.
    No Neliel(Nel)/Pesche/Dondochakka, rats, I so miss them.
    Nice to finally see Yoruichi in black cat form.
    Yuzu seeing Ichigo's Soul Reaper form, sweet.
    It ended on an on screen note about Ichigo's profile, sweet.

    I'm sad to see my top favorite awesome anime end, but I hope it's gonna come back someday.
    I'm SO glad there's no stupid Ririn in the final saga though, YYEESS, but I'll miss Kurodo/Nova though.

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