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    "Infinite Stratos" anime green-lit

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    "Battle romantic [COLOR=#0000FF ! important][COLOR=#0000FF ! important]comedy[/COLOR][/COLOR]" about pilot academy with only girls except 1 boy
    The 96th "Sono Na mo J" flyer is announcing this month that a television anime adaptation of Izuru Yumizuru's IS (Infinite Stratos) light novel series has been green-lit. The "popular high-speed school battle romantic comedy" centers around the IS Academy: a school for training the pilots of the Infinite Stratos weapon system, which can only be used by females. Candidates plucked from girls from countries all over the world are brought here — as well as one boy named Ichika Orimura. As it turns out, Ichika is "the only male in the world who can use the IS." His classmates include Hōki Shinonono, a childhood friend.
    Media Factory's MF Bunko imprint will publish the fifth volume of the light novel series with okiura's illustrations in Japan on June 25. Kenji Akaboshi launched a manga version in Media Factory's Monthly Comic Alive magazine last month.
    I'm willing to give any anime a chance (especially mecha) but it honestly sounds generic, boring, cliche'd and I think I saw this premise in Vandread and Parallel Dual.

    So why did I just make a thread? Because honestly, this whole thread is to pst what an IS actually looks like.



    ^^Man, I hope a good studio is behind this.
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    Yeah...the skeptic in me says that it's liable to be a generic harem anime that'll try to fool us with faux mecha. Actually, considering the crotch shots, maybe that's the realist talking. And there's even a cliche childhood friend! Anyhow, considering the multiple real mecha anime that will be coming in the next year, it'd really have to surprise people for me to take a look at it. Not going to try this blind. At worst, it'll be a Strike Witches ripoff except without the loli. But we'll see what happens.
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    I finished the Blu-ray this weekend. I can't say the show did much for me. It started out well enough, and I did like Charlotte and her "disguise as a boy" plot from her early appearances, but after the initial set-up of introducing the various pilots and having a few sparring battles with each other, the series devolved into "girls fight over the main male character" fluff (though in fairness, at least in this case, the girls have an excuse, since he's the only guy in the school). And the series really suffered from an unmemorable villain. It's just an unmanned robot without any personality. Sometimes the most memorable aspects of a film/show are the bad guys, so when it's just some out-of-control piece of metal that the characters set out to destroy like a target in a shoot-em-up video game, why am I supposed to care? The girls are cute, no doubt, and I did like the unique setting, and the animation/action choreography wasn't bad for a relative newcomer studio to the anime scene, but those are about the only positives I give the show.

    Dub thoughts here. It was kinda like Godannar with all the various accents, but I don't think it worked as well this time.


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