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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacob T. Paschal View Post
    Easter may have been yesterday, but surely there's still some resurrection in the air!

    My good friend Castor Troy/Ryan Molina (of 3GKai and BattleGeekPlus fame) entered into SakuraCon (and won with) this little editing epic, Naruto Ball Shippuden Z. It's not his first crossover, but it is sadly his last AMV. Now, enough preamble.

    Castor's been working on this behemoth for quite a while and it really shows. Many of the shots presented here are really well edited, considering they combine two radically different looking shows. I'm surprised that he (well, anyone) could get a few of those battle shots to look decent. Not only are the individual cutting and pasting shots good, but the flow is to. Set to Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout's opening, The Biggest Fight, the first portion really carries itself well with excitement and energy. Then again, it's a Kageyama Hironobu song so that certainly helps. ;p

    Well, I guess that's all I should say. Anyone else have something to say?
    Oh my gosh, that was awesome.

    I'm not sure which was my favorite scene; Pain backhanding Mr. Satan, Sasori actually being Frieza (?), Krillin getting caught in the papers (poor guy) or the Goku/Naruto special attack at the end.

    Anyway, awesome!
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    I'd like to figure out how this guy managed to make Vash and Faye work in the same scenes so flawlessly.

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