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    I thought that this episode was pretty boring. There wasn't really much of anything interesting about the plot or its execution to make it engaging, none of the characters introduced were interesting and there wasn't much of any humor for me. Once everyone came to help them fish, it was a bit more interesting, or at least there was more tension than for the majority of the episode, but that wasn't enough to really make the episode worthwhile to me. I really liked the artwork for this episode though. The character designs and backgrounds reminded me a lot of Studio Ghibli, especially the kid who looked a lot like Ponyo, and the water looked really nice as well. That was pretty much the only strong aspect to this episode for me.

    Overall, the episode was pretty boring and it probably ties with the fish episode as the weakest episode of the season thus far for me. At least the next episode sounds a bit more interesting. An alien version of Tamiki from Ouran High School Host Club sounds potentially hilarious, or at least entertaining enough to make the episode more engaging than this one.

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    i liked this more than most of the episodes in the series. dandy was more likeable than he usually is and while similar stories have been done dozens of times before in books and tv shows what we got was decent enough. this sow would probably benefit from having more simplistic stories than the overly weird ones.

    also lol at people thinking they can catch fish that are hundreds of feet tall. maybe they were smaller than they actually looked but it seems like a ridiculous feat even with the whole planets population pulling. and even if they did manage to reel one in wouldn't it have just landed on top of them? eh i guess its just a cartoon and best not to think too much about it.

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    So, according to Toonami's preview...


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