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    Toonami - Line of the Night [7/26]

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    Once again, it's time for Toonami: LINE OF THE NIGHT! A weekly tradition going back about 10 years, you can submit your favorite quotes from the shows playing on Toonami. Then we run it through our trusty poll generator, and a selection of quotes will be posted by the end of the week for you to vote on!

    This week's schedule:

    11:30pm - Attack on Titan - 12: "Wound: Attack on Trost, Part 8" (PREMIERE)
    12am - Bleach - 353: "Ichigo, Mastering the Fullbring!" (PREMIERE)
    12:30am - Space Dandy - 17: "The Transfer Student is Dandy, Baby" (PREMIERE)
    1am - Naruto Shippuden - 30: "Aesthetics of an Instant" (PREMIERE)
    1:30am - One Piece - 264: "Landing Operations Start! Charge In, Straw Hats!" (PREMIERE)
    2am - Blue Exorcist - 23: "Truth" (PREMIERE)
    *SPECIAL* - DC Nation - "Batman Beyond" (PREMIERE)
    2:30am - Beware the Batman - 12: "Attraction" (PREMIERE)
    3am - Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage - 19: "Fujyama Gangasta Paradise" (PREMIERE)
    3:30am - Naruto - 30: "Sharingan Revived: Dragon-Flame Jutsu!"
    4am - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - 23: "Girl on the Battlefield"
    4:30am - Cowboy Bebop - 1: "Asteroid Blues"
    5am - Star Wars: The Clone Wars - 49: "Corruption" (PREMIERE)
    5:30am - Samurai Jack - 26: "Jack's Sandals" (PREMIERE)

    Had to deal with some stuff this past week, but I'm going to commence uploading as many of the past polls as I can as soon as I can.
    What do you get when you put three friends in a recording booth once a week, screen old anime, and tell them to make sense of it?
    You get the Anime of Yesteryear Podcast! Tune in each week as we kick back and discuss anime of old, both the well-known and the obscure.
    Updates Bi-Weekly! (Newest: 5/11 - Avengers: Age of Ultron/Kyoukai no Rinne

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    Toonami Intro:
    TOM: Hey, Sara, do you feel like the universe is back in alignment?
    Sara: Hello, TOM. Iím not sure I know what you mean.
    TOM: I donít know, something just feels right about tonight.
    Sara: Sensors indicate a typical Saturday.
    TOM: Oh come on, weíve got Bebop again!
    Sara: Oh yeah. See you at 4:30.

    Attack on Titan #12:
    Pyxis: They did not die of losing their way. They were sent to their deaths by me. This is the threshold of our extinction, soldiers. If my actions ensure mankindís survival, history may call me butcher all it wants.

    Ian: Go save the man you love.
    Mikasa (blushing): Itís not like that.

    Armin: Why throw caution to the wind and venture outside?
    Eren: What kind of question is that? Donít play dumb, you know damn well why! BecauseÖ THE WORLD BEYOND THE WALL IS MY BIRTHRIGHT!

    Bleach #353:
    Ichigo: You attacked my friend Orihime. Were you also the one who cut down Uryu?
    Tsukishima: What do you think?

    Ginjo: You donít fall onto concrete from that high up and not really feel it. Now that mortal body of your is struggling just to breathe. We canít afford to have you die, so just shut up and stay down. Got it?

    Watch Dogs Review:
    TOM: Thereís an app for that.

    Space Dandy #17:
    QT: Turns out at Baberly Hills High, musical abilityís a must-have.
    Meow: What does that even mean?
    QT: Your whole place and the pecking order is determined by your singing and dancing skills.
    Meow: The glee he must be feeling right now.

    Nathan: Give it up! In the game of Prom King, the only winning move is not to play!
    Dandy: Listen, you! Iím a lot of things, but Iím not a quitter when it comes to my dreams! Nobody puts Dandy in a corner!

    Sofia: I donít understand! I am the center of the known universe!
    Dandy: Someone slept through astronomy, huh? The universe has a buttload of centers! And I think all of them deserve to voted queen! You see, in this world, all is all!

    Naruto Shippuden #30:
    Kakashi: I sent the explosion off into a different space.
    Sakura: You sent it somewhere?
    Neji: The Sharinganís visual jutsu.
    Lee: I am not sure I understand, really, but it seems the enemy has been defeated, Tenten. You agree?
    Tenten: What the?! Are you kidding, what the hell are you asking me for?!

    Naruto: Heís the Kazekage! He just became the Kazekage!
    Chiyo: Try to calm yourself, Naruto Uzumaki.
    Naruto: YOU SHUT UP! Just shut up! If all of you Snad Shinobi hadnít put a monster inside of Gaara, then none of this wouldíve ever happened to him!

    One Piece #264:
    Chopper: So where exactly is this Sniper Island?
    Sniper King: Iíll tell you. (Oh, the wind carries my nameÖ) Itís insideÖ of your heart. (From Sniper Island far awayÖ)
    Chopper: Wow!
    Nami: Seriously, where?

    All: WHAAAAAAT?!!
    Paulie: Why the hell is he going in on his own?!
    Zambai: That crazy Straw Hat didnít understand the plan at all!
    Nami: There goes our strategy.
    Sanji: He said ďRight, I got itĒ, didnít he?
    Sniperking: Heís really not the wait-five-minutes type.
    Zoro: Damn, shouldíve known.
    Kokoro: Hahaha! Heís an impatient one, isnít he?

    Blue Exorcist #23:
    Mephisto: Hope or despair, hope or despair? Which will remain in the wake of all this chaos? Oh, how the anticipation makes my heart go pitter-pat!

    Shiro: The one with the flames smiled at me. Iím trying to kill him, and heís smiling at me. Mephisto, Iím going to raise these two.
    Mephisto: What?
    Shiro: Iíll raise them to be a couple of fine human children.
    Mephisto: Wait, youíre going to raise the spawn of Satan? You, the cold-hearted exorcist? Talk about impossible!
    Shiro: Yeah? Well, thereís only one way to find out!

    Yukio: She was your daughter! Did you not love her at all?!
    Ernst: In my heart, Yuri was already dead! And when she gave birth to you Ė you cursed sons of Satan Ė she died for good! Youíve tarnished the Egin family name! You and your brother! To me, you donít even exist!

    Beward the Batman #12:
    Lunkhead: Okay, lady. You free. Now, where rest of Lunkheadís candy?
    Magpie: Ooh, sorry, big fella. No sugar. How about a few lumps instead?!

    Magpie: Why is she more important than me?! Iím the one who understands you!
    Batman: No, you never understood me. If you did, youíd know Iíd never allow someone I care about to come to harm. I thought that by coming to see in at Blackgate, I could give you back a little of the humanity youíve lost. I was wrong.

    Magpie: Youíre only a pale imitation of me, sister! And you know it!
    Katana: Youíre just jealous because Batman rejected you. Probably because of your horrible fashion sense. I mean, really. Neck feathers with a bustier? Kind of trashy. Right, Batman?
    Magpie: Nice try, but the Bat is dead.
    Batman: Care to guess again?

    Black Lagoon (Second Barrage) #19:
    Revy: Um, how the f*** did we end up like this?
    Rock: Itís not so bad. Besides, thereís nothing to gain from making a big scene.
    Revy: S**t! Iím not even in the mood anymore. The buzz is gone!
    Rock: Well, thank God for that.

    Bando (about Rock): He looked just like an average guy. There was something about him, though. If I had to make an analogy, heís kinda like the chicken that shows up at your doorstep, carrying soup stock, onions, and even the pot to cook himself in.

    Revy: Hey, you g**damn brats! You wanna shoot each other in the streets? Then why donít you head on over to Lebanon!

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars #3.5:
    Intro: The challenge of hope is to overcome corruption.

    Satine: The contamination of greed reaches far and deep within the Republic: corporations, trade guilds, too many senators serving their own interests.
    Padme: There are still those of us who work to overcome the corruption and believe it to be possible.

    Padme: I must say, when I came to visit, I handít pictured us in such an informal setting.
    Satine: Yes, well, from what Master Kenobi tells me, during your tenure as queen, you became quite familiar with such excursions.
    Padme: One can only survive the rigors of courtly formalities for so long.
    Satine: We are of the same mind.

    Samurai Jack #26:
    Jack: You have insulted my footwear.
    Bikers: Ha ha ha ha ha!
    Jack: My sandals donít like to be laughed at.

    Biker 1: Woooo-hoo! Get a load of those legs!
    Biker 2: Hey, good-lookiní, weíll be back to pick you up later!
    Biker 3: Check out them stems!
    Victim: Say, sweet thing, let me get your number!
    Girl 1: Oh my goodness! Oh! My goodness!
    Girl 2: Oh no she didnít! Do you believe that?

    Jack: Your home is wonderful. Perhaps this is the time machine I have been seeking!
    Father: Ah, we feel it is important to remember the old ways. We try to honor our ancestors by keeping traditions from the old land and by retelling the old stories.
    Older daughter: And the new stories.
    Youner daughter: Yeah, your stories!
    Son: He came back! Back to the past! Samurai Jack!
    Oh, hai, Adult Swim.
    4/1/12: Thanks to Adult Swim and Toonami, this date will live on as: Best. April. Fools. Day. Ever.

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