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    Quote Originally Posted by Gold Guy View Post
    But hey, maybe Yukio can get a decent action scene now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gold Guy View Post
    Like other people have said, Satan being sympathetic, while awkward, wouldn't necessarily be so bad....if he wasn't shown to be super evil in the past. The problem is....in the manga, Satan is played off as being plain evil. For the anime filler, the writers decided that since they were diverging anyway, what the heck, they'd change that too. So, yeah, for those that were wondering.

    But hey, maybe Yukio can get a decent action scene now.
    I figured that Satan was played off as being completely evil in the manga. Since I didn't hear anything about the first half of the series being unfaithful to the manga, I assumed that they did at least a fairly faithful adaptation of that part of the manga. It's still strange to me that they'd change that after having already established something as important as Satan being pure evil. I don't mind when anime titles diverging from the source material. That isn't necessarily a problem, especially if they can make some good concepts and storylines from their own material, but the changes need to work and not contradict what they've already established. If they wanted to do something like Satan being sympathetic, they needed to have at least some bit of buildup to it before this episode. Otherwise, it will feel forced, shallow and stupid.

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