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    Quote Originally Posted by O-chan View Post
    Unlike Naruto and Bleach it's not gonna drag it's behind...if they don't air those 5 flashback episodes in a row...which they might...oh well, it's good recap for the newer viewers.
    Yeah, if you only started watching OP during this run those flashback eps would probably help, but I skipped through them the first time and have no desire to revisit them again. If they air that will be 5 weeks or so when I'll be catching up with something else during that time. Isn't there an x-mas episode somewhere in this arc as well? I wonder if they'd show that also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by animePWNS View Post
    Hey, Enies Lobby promo.
    ...with one moment being summed up in just two simple words:

    I wonder why the manga still called it a part of the Water Seven arc, though.
    It's more than likely due to the fact that Water Seven and Enies Lobby arcs actually consists of one very long arc split into two smaller ones, with the plot of the smaller arcs having the same focus in terms of storyline.

    Sadly, this type of arc will only get worse from here (but we're still a long ways off before we get to the arc that I'm referring to.)
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    I thought that this episode was pretty good. There was still a lot of tension at the beginning with Sanji and Sniperking trying to save Robin. Robin's island being destroyed and her being the only survivor explained why she was so determined to not be saved. She knew that if she stayed with her friends, they could suffer the same fate and she probably already has a lot of trauma from that experience. CP9 continued to be pretty darn cold by using some like to their advantage and claiming that this was for the shake of justice.

    I was surprised to see the giant frog. I thought that it had died for some reason. Although, training to make sure it wouldn't lose someone important again kind of makes sense. At least they got someone else to help them on their mission.

    The scene with Franky and Robin was genuinely sweet. Franky had some surprisingly deep words and sentiments for Robin that were pretty touching. That was probably my favorite part of the episode. Enies Lobby looked pretty different than I thought it would with that giant hole in the ocean and the ground being somehow strong enough to support the building. I wasn't expecting an Enies Lobby promo. That was pretty cool. Overall, it was a pretty good episode with some more information on Robin, a sweet moment between her and Franky and an intense note to end the episode on.

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    As much I love CP9 for their epic threatening ways, but they're way worse than the X-Laws(Shaman King) and the evil Soul Reapers for their corrupt justice and both Rob Lucci/Byakuya are very similar while being cold-hearted heartless stoic scumbags.

    Poor Robin's sad past being the only survivor of a destroyed island being Robin's reason to not to be saved/sacrifice herself, poor Robin, but awesome of Luffy/The Strawhats to save her though.

    The One Piece Enies Lobby arc promo was surprising/awesome.

    I'll so enjoy the epic Enies Lobby arc.

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    The end of this episode when they lead Franky and Robin up the steps to the outer gate is always a favorite of mine. The music and visuals are awesome.

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    Yeah, I like how they show off the majority of the Enies Lobby, in a way done to make you gape in awe. That's definitely not a place I would want to be sentenced to!
    But in a way, it has a beauty to it, too. Its not some grimy jail.
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