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    Toonami - Line of the Night [4/5]

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    Once again, it's time for Toonami: LINE OF THE NIGHT! A weekly tradition going back about 10 years, you can submit your favorite quotes from the shows playing on Toonami. Then we run it through our trusty poll generator, and a selection of quotes will be posted by the end of the week (within a fortnight) for you to vote on!

    A few rules:
    1. Please be sure to list what show and character you're quoting from.
    2. I'm going to start being a bit more conscious about the lengths of the quotes. So, a warning that I might shorten some of the submitted lines if I feel they're too long.
    3. Just to be fair to newer material on the block, if an episode has aired on Toonami within the past 12 months, lines for that show can't be submitted. This week, this applies to: Space Dandy, IGPX, Sym-Bionic Titan

    This week's schedule:

    11:30pm - Space Dandy - 1: "Live with the Flow, Baby"
    12am - Bleach - 339: "Protect Ichigo! The Bonds of Friends!" (PREMIERE)
    12:30am - Naruto Shippuden - 14: "Naruto's Growth" (PREMIERE)
    1am - One Piece - 248: "Franky's Past! The Day the Sea Train First Ran" (PREMIERE)
    1:30am - Blue Exorcist - 7: "A Flock of Plovers" (PREMIERE)
    2am - Black Lagoon - 3: "Ring-Ding Ship Chase" (PREMIERE)

    2:30am - Naruto - 14: "The Number One Hyperactive, Knucklehead Ninja Joins the Fight"
    3am - Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - 22: "Scandal"
    3:30am - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - 7: "Hidden Truths"
    4am - Samurai Jack - 10: "X" (PREMIERE)
    4:30am - IGPX - 23: "Fate"
    5am - Star Wars: The Clone Wars - 33: "Lightsaber Lost" (PREMIERE)
    5:30am - Sym-Bionic Titan - 5: "Roar of the White Dragon"

    My new laptop charger just came in yesterday, so I'm finally able to work on the polls again!
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    What do you get when you put three friends in a recording booth once a week, screen old anime, and tell them to make sense of it?
    You get the Anime of Yesteryear Podcast! Tune in each week as we kick back and discuss anime of old, both the well-known and the obscure.
    Updates Bi-Weekly! (Newest: 5/11 - Avengers: Age of Ultron/Kyoukai no Rinne

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    Bleach #339:
    Mayuri: Impossible! *falls*
    Reiga Unohana: Ahahahahaha! Ahahahahahahaha!

    Yushima: Loneliness is not a sin. No matter the circumstances, I do not need help from others. Other people only get in the way. To help…is merely to pity. It is an act of jealousy towards the strong, an insult to a noble spirit. To be alone is to be a selected one, a privilege reserved for a superior soul. Friends, you say? Ha! If your lives were of so little value to you that you’d sacrifice them for someone without hesitation…then you will die here.

    Ikkaku: We’ve come here to help you out, Captain!
    Kenpachi: No one here asked for your help. Buuuut…all these small fry are making it too hard for me to concentrate on my fight. You guys can handle the clean up.
    Ikkaku: Yes sir, with pleasure!

    Naruto Shippuden #14:
    Naruto: I wanna learn how to do genjutsu, not learn what I should do if I get trapped in one! Huh?
    Jiraiya: *sigh*
    Naruto: Hey! Don’t sigh at me! You got a problem or what?!

    Itachi: He’s matured…

    One Piece #248:
    Franky: What gives, Blueno?! You got some kind of problem with me?! Oh, trying to pull a reverse move, huh?! You dumbass! You should know better than that! No one pushes me around! You should be pouring me a drink, remember?! What, did you forget you’re just a bartender?!

    Lucci: Are you listening?! Hand them over this instant!
    Franky: Oh, did you just say “HAND”?!

    Tom: If you wanna be a man, SHOW SOME GUSTOOOOO!

    Blue Exorcist #7:
    Shima: Heheh, three girls taking a bath…together. What do you say, guys? We bust ass over there and have ourselves a peep?
    Suguro: Hello! You’re supposed to be a monk, Shima!
    Miwa: You’re getting back into your bad habits again.
    Shima: Ah, shut it. You guys are both just as interested as I am.
    Yukio: Excuse me, but your teacher is sitting right here.

    Shiemi: I’m tired of being the one who always needs help, always hiding behind others. I just want to…to be like you and Yuki. To be strong enough to help someone else for a change! She is the first friend I’ve ever had in my whole life!

    Yukio: Would you mind explaining…why you are naked?
    Rin: It just happened? Never mind! Just get everyone out of here!

    Black Lagoon #3:
    Revy: You gotta realize, international criminals come here to lock horns with each other. They’re all trying to scam one another from top to bottom. You don’t really stand a chance of surviving here if you always believe everything you see. Then again, you’re lucky if that’s the biggest problem you’ve got.
    Rock: I’ll take it to heart. She’s right, I may still be too soft. After all, I don’t know the histories of my crewmembers. They keep their pasts to themselves, their privacy protected by a fierce sense of independence. But I don’t care, that’s how I feel.

    Rock: Revy, what did you do before you ended up here?
    Revy: What I do now is pretty much what I’ve always done.
    Rock: Really? Then, let me guess. As a kid, you spent your days on the river near home, swinging a cutlass around.
    Revy: That’s the truth. I stole, I killed, I did everything that you’d consider bad. It ain’t no sick joke.

    Balalaika: I realize it’s hardly enough after what you went through, but I’ll let you hear something amusing. They call this “Pleasure and Pain.”
    Dutch: Oh, is it cooler than J.B.?
    Balalaika: Of course.
    Dutch: Yeah, that sounded cool.

    Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex #22:
    Curtain: Oh my gosh, these are against regulations. Ooh, it makes me hot to imagine what you could do with all this!

    Motoko: We’ve heard rumors and it might be that your brother really was over there.
    Aramaki: The fact of the matter is that while I’m out there trying to expose the truth, I’ve been completely ignorant of the knowledge that somewhere out there under the cold sky my brother is alive. I thought justice meant carrying out my duties, no matter what. It didn’t matter if I turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the ones I loved. But I’m seeing things differently now. I’m not all that certain anymore.
    Motoko: Well, you’ll keep fighting the good fight, won’t you?

    Samurai Jack #10:
    Voice: Come!
    Jack: The voice beckons me further in. Surely he takes me for a fool to follow deeper into his trap!
    *ceiling starts coming down*
    Jack: A fool I be!

    Warrior: Rise, warrior! Rise! Honorably I must be defeated! I cannot let up!
    Jack: Do not worry, I have only begun to fight!

    Warrior: After all these years, my freedom…has arrived. Accursed monster! Your spell is broken! RRRAAAAAAAGGGHHHH!!! I am FREEEEEE! At last, my flesh is restored! The curse…is lifted. *turns into old man*
    Jack: Warrior! I, I…
    Warrior: Don’t worry, my friend. Please, hand me my sword. Thank you.

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars #2.11:
    Intro: Easy isn’t always simple.

    Sinube: You ran off in such a hurry. I trust you didn’t mean to be rude.
    Ione: I have nothing more to say to you, Jedi.
    Sinube: Well, perhaps you meant to be a little rude.

    Ahsoka: For a guy that moves slow, you always seem to get ahead of me.
    Sinube: The value of moving slowly is that one can always clearly see the way ahead.
    Oh, hai, Adult Swim.
    4/1/12: Thanks to Adult Swim and Toonami, this date will live on as: Best. April. Fools. Day. Ever.

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