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    Toonami - Line of the Night [11/16]

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    I'm sure some people are wondering if I'll ever get the polls up and get caught up. The answer is yes, though it will have to mostly be on Sunday's, as that will be my only true free day until after Thanksgiving. Either way, it's that time of the week again. You can submit lines from any show currently airing on Toonami.
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    Bleach #323:
    *Renji’s eyes flash purple*
    Orihime: That’s not him!

    Nozomi: I’m going alone…stupid.
    Kon: Who you calling stupid, you cold-hearted weasel?!
    Nozomi: But I do appreciate…that you really care.

    Reigai Rangiku: There are six of us here, and only one of you. And you think you can protect her?
    Kon: That’s two of us!
    Ichigo: Yes I can.
    Nozomi: But why?
    Ichigo: Because you should do what you wanna do.

    Respect Speech:
    TOM: Maybe in this anonymous computer age, some of us have forgotten what it’s like to be…human.

    Naruto #50:
    Gaara: But why? He failed! Why save him?!
    Guy: Because he’s… he’s my student. And also because he is precious to me.

    Guy: Lee. Oh Lee, what have I done?! Look at you…not even conscious, and yet still determined to show the world what you can do.
    Kakashi: He’s out cold…nothing keeping him up but sheer willpower.
    Guy: Lee…you’ve already proven it. You are a splendid ninja.

    Kakashi: Guy, what I said earlier, it was out of line. I was being a self-righteous fool. And I realize now, that if I’d been in your shoes, I probably couldn’t have stopped him either.

    One Piece #232:
    Luffy: Hey, you with the goggles on your head! Listen, man, think about this for a second. That guy wasn’t the one saying all that mean stuff! It was…THE PIGEON!
    Paulie: The bird can say whatever it wants! Actions speak louder than words, and Lucci’s the one who hit me!
    Luffy: Yeah, but the pigeon made him hit you ‘cause he’s too much of a coward to do it himself! Hey! Pigeon! Get down here and fight your own fights!

    Paulie: Have you no shame?! Don’t play dumb with me, you harlot! I can see way too much leg! Cover up and show a little decency, will ya! This dock is a man’s workplace, ya know!
    Kalifa: Now now, Paulie, let’s calm down.
    Paulie: Waaaah! Wa-aaa-aah! You too, Kalifa! How many times have I told you those clothes of yours are not appropriate! If you wanna look professional, you should wear pants! Or at least ankle-length skirts!
    Usopp: This guy’s got issues.
    Nami: He’s serious, isn’t he?

    Kaku: In theory, even if we did everything we could, the probability of your ship lasting ‘til the next island…is zero.
    Zoro: Merry, tell me, is what he said true? You’ll never sail again?

    Soul Eater #38:
    Joe: However, I have one condition before I start…
    Death: And that condition would be?
    Joe: The coffee.
    Death: Coffee?
    Joe: This is a disgrace! Instant coffee?! I won’t work here until this shameful practice is stopped!
    Death: Now now, let’s keep calm here! There’s no need to get so excited. Perhaps you’ve had a bit too much caffeine today.
    Joe: You are to get rid of this disgusting powder and replace it with whole BEEEANS! And they must come from Uncle Bob’s! Only the finest quality will DOOOO!! This point is non-negotiable! I also require that you stock my preferred brand of coffee creamer! FINALLY THE FILTERS MUST BE MADE OF STURDY PAPER SO NO GROUNDS WILL POLLUTE THE COFFEE!!! Grrr!
    Death: *mandolin* Coffee beans?
    Joe: Yes, coffee beans.

    Joe: So tell me, how’s Uncle Bob doing?
    Kid: Uncle Bob?
    Joe: The man who runs the coffee shop not far from here. Uncle Bob’s Rumba Coffee! So delicious, it’ll make ya dance! Come on, everybody, do the Rumba! Shake your hips and do the Uncle Bob’s Coffee Rumba with me!
    Kid: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
    Joe: You don’t know Uncle Bob? That’s a crying shame.

    Sid: We adults are often stuck in the past, and children can only think about the future. But Black Star lives in the present. He can’t wait for the future. He has to find his path now.
    Black Star: Find my path? It’s not about finding, it’s about winning!

    Sword Art Online #16:
    Agil: The battle’s not over ‘til it’s over. You feel me? Get her out and come back safe.

    Kirito: Would someone tell me why three big guys are fighting one single girl? That’s pretty uncool if you ask me.

    FLCL #4:
    Naota: Who are you really?
    Haruka: I’m an illusion of your youth, a manifestation of the feelings in your adolescent heart.
    Naota: Where did you get that line from, anime?

    Mamimi: Ooooooh. If that thing comes down here, do you think they’ll cancel school tomorrow?

    Haruka: When you see a John Woo film, it’s comforting to know how shallow the world really is. The full force of the Manly Coolness Factor—with a piece of nosehair sticking out from the tiny crack between “manly” and “cool”—exposes the thinness of the Male Hormone Factor. Next on FLCL Episode 5: Brittle Bullet. It takes an idiot to do cool things; that’s why it’s cool.

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars #1.14:
    Intro: When surrounded by war, one must eventually choose a side.

    Lok Durd: I am General Lok Durd of the Separatist Alliance.
    Tee Watt Kaa: I am Tee Watt Kaa, leader of this colony. What do you--?
    Lok Durd: You are now under the protection of the Separatist Alliance. I congratulate you on your good fortune.
    Tee Watt Kaa: Thank you, but we enjoyed good fortune well before your arrival. We are peaceful people, General. I do not condone your presence here.
    Lok Durd: Stand aside. I would like to inspect my new colony. Mwahahahaha! Ransack this dung heap!

    Anakin: Thank you, Wag Too.
    Wag Too: Thank you. Our village would certainly have been destroyed without your protection. Father, I was just offering the Jedi our thanks.
    Tee Watt Kaa: Perhaps we do owe you thanks. But I still wonder, at what cost?

    Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex #4:
    Togusa (looking at photo of Yamaguchi's wife): So? My babe does stuff like this too, sometimes.

    Laughing Man's Mantra: I thought what I'd do was I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes.

    Laughing Man (to Daido): A farce should be funny, but this one hasn’t made me laugh even once. And so, with the utmost reluctance, I must challenge you once again. You and your comedy troupe are going to reconvene in three days, right? When you do, tell the truth this time, won’t you? Because when the curtain goes up, if you put on another performance that rings as false as this one, I will be forced to remove you from the stage!

    Inuyasha #107:
    Shippo: Inuyasha?
    Inuyasha: Shippo, please don’t cry anymore. Men never show their tears, no matter.
    Shippo: ‘Kay, I’ll try.
    Inuyasha: Kagome, forgive me! Please forgive me! If I hadn’t failed you, you’d…you’d still be right here now!
    Kagome: Inuyasha…I can’t…I can’t breathe.
    Inuyasha: Kagome?
    Kagome: I’m kinda…dizzy.
    Inuyasha: But you were…
    Myoga: That’s to be expected. I sucked out a lot of blood with the poison.

    Miroku: Well well, so you’ll bear my child then?
    Myoga: I should’ve let this one die.

    Inuyasha #108:
    Renkotsu: I will deal with Inuyasha and his friends.
    Jakotsu: Aw, Renkotsu, come on! Why are you being so unfair to me? You always keep me away from my Inuyasha! You know, I’m beginning to think that maybe you’ve taken a liking to Inuyasha too!
    Renkotsu: If you keep talking such nonsense, I’ll pull that tongue out of your head!
    Oh, hai, Adult Swim.
    4/1/12: Thanks to Adult Swim and Toonami, this date will live on as: Best. April. Fools. Day. Ever.

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