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    I'd have preferred for Kayaba to have had some kind of grudge against humanity or society, a desire to toy with people (well there is one guy who fits that qualification) or had a full on god complex that provoked him to trapping people in a death game. About the most you can get out of this is he had some kind of god complex but he didn't really want to be god, he just wanted to create a world where he could do what he was not able to do in reality and play in it. That's a decent reason to make SAO an interactive full dive game but not a good motivation to allow so much senseless death. The author seemed to toss in the death factor to up the stakes but he could have managed much of the same story and probably a better story if they were just stuck in the game but would not have their brains fried if their HP hit zero. The characters had plenty of motivation to finish the game and get out even without the high chance of death hanging over them and lets not pretend this show didn't cheapen death on a regular basis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nobodyman View Post
    Themes? Oh, do tell. What themes exactly?
    Quote Originally Posted by Monte View Post
    4,000 people have died, and countless others have either had their lives ruined or could be traumatized for the rest of their lives; but hey atleast MY life was a bit more interesting. Totally. Worth it.

    Yes, under that "logic" my opinions of the main characters only grows worse. Not to mention they miss the obvious fact that if Kayaba had not killed them personally they both would have lived many more happy years together. So much for that "i want to marry you in real life". He essentially took away everything they could have had together. Ofcourse they survived, but they didn't know that at the time

    And really, that sympathy they show for him, rather shows they DON'T much begrudge him for his actions.
    You seem to be taking my words to mean that the sum of everyone's suffering was worth it for just Kirito and Asuna to meet. What I meant was that the suffering that just Kirito and Asuna went through was worth it for them to meet. Bad things happen to people all the time. People meet and fall in love under bad circumstances all the time. That doesn't mean they need to be happy about the fact that some bad thing brought them together, but they don't need to feel guilty about it either.

    The whole point of the show to this point (yes, the "theme") is that your life and your happiness is what you make of it. Most people can't change the circumstances that they live in, but if you accept the things you can't control, most people can make their life worth living (obviously there are extreme exceptions, so please you don't need to remind me of genocide or slavery). Asuna said that she used to think that every day in the game was a day lost in the real world, but after meeting Kirito, she came to realize that she wasn't losing a day in the real world, she was gaining a day there. She used to think it was unfair what happened to her, and that her death in the game would be meaningless. But after falling in love with Kirito and building their life together, she no longer was thinking about the crime that was committed against her. Instead of wallowing in victimhood, she started living her life again.

    Having Kayaba forget his initial reason for his plan is a reflection of this. It no longer mattered to Kirito and Asuna why they were victims, or why they had the bad luck to be caught up in his crime. As Kayaba said, it became something better than he could have even imagined. For him, whatever hatred or vengeance led him to commit such a crime no longer mattered, because his new life became something better than his oldest fantasy. Again, THIS IS NOT A JUSTIFICATION. But, this was true for Kirito and Asuna as well. Yes, there are obviously grieving families who will rightfully want answers, but it's not for Kirito and Asuna to answer. They were victims as well, but they were lucky enough to be able to make the best of it. I've said many time before, your enjoyment of this show ultimately boils down to whether or not you like Kirito and Asuna. Since it's about them and their lives. Not a search for answers, not a quest to defeat a villain. Yes, those things are there, but just in the background. The show is really just about them trying to make life worth living again. And if you like them, you should like the show. Clearly some of you don't, and that's fine. I do.

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