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    Like This Thread!
    Next ep....will she enjoy the kabob?

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    "Needs barbecue sauce."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nobodyman View Post
    Wow guys. All you had to do was watch Nozomi and you couldn't even do that.

    It's almost as if you shouldn't have been fooling around with a barbecue or something.
    It's as though they're trying to give Ichigo an excuse as to why he shouldn't bring them along.

    I appreciate the chin movement in this episode. You don't see that too often in anime like Bleach and it's just a little thing that says "yes, we have splurged a little on this episode (or arc from what you guys say)."

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    Episode 320 was pretty sweet,

    The highlights:
    It's gonna getting interesting from why Kageroza wants Nozomi.
    Nozomi calling Kon lame and smacking him with a plant pot, hahahahahaha.
    Nozomi's new name is "Emozomi" alright, agreeing with Rynnec, that's a good new name for her due to her lousy emo attitude.
    I get a feeling Nozomi is gonna be Kon's love interest/girlfriend, hehehe.
    Kageroza's evil Soul Reaper Reigais are awesome/interesting.
    Kageroza has something in store for that heartless old jerkhole Genryusai to kick his butt, sweet.
    The Kenpachi/Mayuri/Rangiku-Reigais are cool which having two Kenpachis/Mayuris/Rangikus fight will be epic.
    All the Soul Reaper captains in Ichigo's room, poor Ichigo can't catch a break.
    It's cool that Kageroza can manipulate time.
    From Mayuri, Kageroza has something placed in Nozomi's body, interesting.
    Ichigo's friends doing a barbecue for Nozomi is nice.
    Nozomi bashing poor Kon with chilli peppers, hahahahahahaha.
    Nozomi being an emo grouchy jerkette may make her a terrible filler character(after Ririn/Kenryu/Gyokaku Komui), but I like her, but she'll change/develop of course.
    Kon trying to reason with her is sweet.
    Kon protecting Nozomi fighting the Reigai-Rangiku was awesome, go Kon.
    Cool to see the awesome Tessai/Ururu, but ugh, go away and die Jinta!!!!
    Nice that the epic filler arc gives Kon a major role, yaaaaaay.
    Kageroza Inaba is a great awesome interesting filler villain/slimeball and my next favorite after Sosuke Aizen/Barragan/Ulquiorra/Jin Kariya/Kouga & Muramasa.
    Shinigami Illustrated Picture Book: Rangiku is so stupid/jealous of her Reigai, hahahahaha, and Mayuri's scene was funny too, hehehe.

    FLCL/Fooly Cooly
    coming to Toonami, YAAAAAY/awesome, and I'll definetly enjoy Space Dandy as well.
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