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    I guess that would make the Fang Frog Pirates Captain Slippy. I couldn't remember but I thought that this episode was only half filler. Time to meet the coolest man on the Grand Line. Kinda prefer how the manga handled it though but, gotta move on. No more of the Silver Fox, wish we could say the same for a certain clown pirate.

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    I thought that this was a pretty fun episode. The fights were quick, but well paced and there were so many funny lines like with Luffy not seeing through Foxy's disguise, Zoror and Sanji getting caught in that slow slow beam and Luffy thinking that the giant crab was a real one that he could eat. Even when I knew that the jokes from Luffy were coming, they still made me laugh. Chopper thinking that Robin could become a book worm was just too adorable. The ending was pretty interesting with Robin losing her cool demeanor. Overall, it was a fun episode with some really funny moments. I'm glad that the Foxy Pirates will be gone for a long time and hopefully the next arc will be more interesting.

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    One Piece, as usual, is pretty entertaining, even in filler episodes. The ending was a welcome break from the comedy, though.
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