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    Toonami - Line of the Night [9/21]

    Like This Thread!
    Another night, and a huge BYU/ Utah game that will distract me from getting this up earlier. Oh well. Post your favorite lines, and hopefully I'll be able to get the poll up on Thursday or Friday afternoon.
    College football, basketball, the NFL, the NBA, and MLB. I may not be an expert, but these sports always keep me fascinated if the game is good!

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    Amy: "I didn't know how to enjoy the IG1 before I got injured. But now that I'm back, I've been completely reengergized. I'm still afraid to get hurt. But I realized it's okay to get hurt. I love to race and I'm never going to give it up. This is my comeback race and nobody is gonna stop me from winning it!"

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    Bleach #315:
    Kenpachi: Is it over?
    Yachiru: Uh-hm.
    Kenpachi: Here. *tosses her a bag of candy* You can all of them.
    Yachiru: Oh, Kenny, youíre so sweet.

    Naruto #42:
    Kakashi: Powerful strikes using chakra; top notch, considering sheís a rookie. Iíve never seen Sakura this good.
    Naruto: Hold on, youíre not saying sheís better than me?
    Kakashi: Nooooo, youíre the greatest!

    Ino: Thatís no fair. Iím the one who wants to cry. To think I tied with you, I still canít believe that happened. Here. Guess you finally got a flower to bloom, a beautiful flower.

    One Piece #224:
    Nami: You got your memory back?
    Zoro: Of course I did.
    Sanji: Then stop looking so creepy. If it really is back, then ACT LIKE IT, OKAY?! PUT A BIG SMILE ON YOUR FACE, LIKE THIS!

    *Usopp imitating both voices*
    Noko: Ha! You wonít catch me!
    Zoro: Oh yeah?! Just you wait!
    Noko: Hahaha! Too slow, jerk!
    Zoro: Jerk?! How Ďbout this?!
    Noko: Iím over here!
    Zoro: What the?! How?! Iíll slice you to shreds! Ha! There! I caught you! You wonít get away!
    *Everyoneóincluding Robin!óbursts out laughing!*
    Zoro: Youíre next, Usopp! Just wait!

    Luffy: Peopleís memories arenít yours to take! If you need some for this transformation, then go out and make some memories of your own! You got it?!

    Soul Eater #30:
    Kid: Hello, there. Sure is hot today, isnít it?
    Liz: Hello.

    Kid: That settles it! Tourists donít leave bombs!

    Kid: 360 Degree Kick Flip! Nice one!
    Liz: What are you doing, Kid?! This isnít the time to be showing off your skateboard skills!
    Kid: Donít you know anything? That was an incredible hill we ran over back there! Given the situation, it wouldíve been wrong not to have done a trick or two on it!
    Liz: What?!
    Kid: Look! Weíve got another one coming up! Patty, itís a no-hander!
    Patty: Aaaa-aaaaa-aaaaahhh!
    Kid: ThirtyyyyyÖsix hundred!

    Sword Art Online #8:
    Kirito: I work better by myself anyway. Besides, most of the time, instead of helping, party members just get in the way.
    Asuna: Oh yeah? *points knife at him*
    Kirito: My bad. Everyone except for you.
    Asuna: Good.

    Kirito: What is this thing? Ö Hm, squishy.

    IGPX #21:
    Satomi: Hey, Andrei! Nobody else but you couldíve come up with a play like that! Andrei?
    Andrei: Ah, well, I was trying to tell him to close in, fall back, and let Amy and Luca run out Sledge Mamma. But, whatever gets it done, I guess.
    Satomi: Huh?!

    Jesse: Wow! Itís like theyíre totally unstoppable now!
    Andrei and Satomi: Totally!
    Takeshi: Hey! Watch what youíre doing, Liz!
    Liz: Get off my back, man!
    Mark: Well, youíre partially right. Theyíre bickering is definitely unstoppable.

    Takeshi: I screwed up. The only race I really cared about winning was the championship. But thatís wrong. Itís one race at a time.
    Amy: You can thank me for that, right?

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars #1.6:
    Intro: Trust in your friends, and theyíll have reason to trust in you.

    Anakin: Why do I have to do everything? Letís hope Grievous didnít hear that.
    *Grievousís fleet appears*
    Anakin: Yeah, he heard it.

    Asohka: Hey, Goldie, what did you think of your first adventure?
    Anakin: Iíll tell you what I think. I think Iím lucky to be alive!
    *R3-S6 leaves*
    Asohka: Great, now you hurt his feelings!
    Anakin: His feelings? What about R2? Heís still out there, I know it!

    Big O Season 2 #9 (22):
    Angel: It was only for an instant, but I had actually found myself thinking that I should just let this android beÖbe destroyed. I canít forgive myself for that. I simply canít! I donít know if thatís something you can understand, butó
    Dorothy: Itís not necessary that I understand, so thereís no need to apologize.
    Angel: I figured youíd say that, because thatís the kind of girl you are. Even still, he shouldnít know.

    Norman: Oh, Dorothy, did I hear someone visiting with you a moment ago?
    Dorothy: No, you didnít.
    Norman: But IÖ*sees puddle*
    Dorothy: I have the ability to lie also.

    Norman: Oh my, is that bouquet for me, sir? Itís really unneccesary.

    Inuyasha #91:
    Inuyasha: Hey there, Shippo, Iíll bet you were in love with that little human girl!
    Shippo: No way! I was not!
    Inuyasha: You had a thing for her!
    Shippo: Did not! Did not! Did not!
    Inuyasha: It must be true. Otherwise, you wouldnít be so mad.
    Shippo: Youíre wrong! Donít tease me!
    Inuyasha: Stupid!
    Kagome: Inuyasha! Sit boy!
    Inuyasha: Why does she does this to me?!
    Shippo: Ah, thatís better!

    Inuyasha #92:
    Kagome: Donít you understand why Anju wanted to die so badly? She wanted to die because she doesnít want you to kill anymore!
    Kawaramaru: A living mortal could never understand what we feel!
    Inuyasha: Damn! Fools like you are better off dead!

    Kagome: My mother used to tell me, ďWe really donít know what our purpose is here on Earth, but we keep on going.Ē
    Inuyasha: Thatís what makes things interesting. I suppose thereís no telling what tomorrow will bring.
    Oh, hai, Adult Swim.
    4/1/12: Thanks to Adult Swim and Toonami, this date will live on as: Best. April. Fools. Day. Ever.


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