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    Toonami - Line of the Night [9/7]

    Like This Thread!
    Ok, no fancy intro. I've been a bit preoccupied with college football and a play I'm in. Post your favorite lines here, and they'll be up in a poll later this week. Enjoy.
    College football, basketball, the NFL, the NBA, and MLB. I may not be an expert, but these sports always keep me fascinated if the game is good!

    Beware The Almighty Hammer Gun!

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    Fantine: Suddenly, it makes all sense to me! I rather challenge you than stand by your side! ... I'm going to make you squeal.
    "Truth suffers, but never dies." - Saint Teresa Of Avila

    Halleluiah! Happy Easter Everyone ^_^

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    FMA: Brotherhood

    Dr. Tim Marcoh: "You're right. I've sacrificed many innocent lives to make your damned philosopher stones. I know better how much pain goes into creating them! And not only do I know how to create them, but I know how to destroy them as well!"

    R.I.P Jerry Russell.

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    Bleach #313:
    Ikkaku: Are the two of you finally done?
    Renji: Ichigo just went flying, so I guess this fight is over.

    Renji: You have a big bruise on your forehead, buddy.
    Ichigo: You have one too, in case you havenít noticed!
    Renji: I do not!
    Yumichika: My, donít the two of you get along well.
    Ichigo and Renji: No we donít! Not at all!

    Seizo: Whatís happened? Ikkaku, youíve returned!
    Ikkaku: Oh no, SeizoÖitís you, my friend, whoís returned.

    Naruto #40:
    Shino: Earlier, while I was distracting you with my helpful advice, I was also sending some of my little friends to plug up those bothersome wind holes in your handsÖboth hands, just to be sure. You see, while an ace in the hole is goodÖtwo aces are better!

    Kakashi: ďOne of us will die here.Ē I mustíve been out of my mind!

    Kurenai: Man, itís getting chilly in hereÖ

    One Piece #222:
    Luffy: Usopp is the sniper. Sanji is the cook. Chopper is the doctor. Robin is the archeologist. Nami is the navigator. And Zoro is the swordsman. We are the Straw Hat Pirates, and we donít leave any man behind!
    Robin: Then weíll have to get Mr. Swordsmanís memory back.
    Luffy: No problem! All I have to do is kick that bratís butt again! Thatís how I got mine back!

    Luffy: I know one thing: Usopp the Brave Warrior of the Sea is a man who always comes through when things get rough!
    Usopp: Thatís me! Díoh!
    Luffy: All right, then! Weíre all going!
    Usopp: Oh crap! I got caught up in the moment!

    Chopper: Did I catch a cold or something? Iíve been shivering for a while now. If only we had a doctor here. Wait, thatís me!

    Soul Eater #28:
    Kid: Finished! Iíve arranged all the medicine bottles to be perfectly symmetrical. You can rest easy now that you donít have to worry about those.
    Everyone else: Only you would worry about those.

    Black Star: You may know how to talk a big game, but Iíve beaten you once before, and I can do it again!
    Angela: You didnít beat him, stupid! Mifuneís always nice to kids, no matter what! Heíd never fight seriously against a dumb little boy like you!

    Tsubaki: I know youíre a good man at heart. A sword like yours shouldnít be defending this organization! You care about helping children and you have incredible skill. Youíd fit in well with the Academy. Why not become a teacher instead?
    Mifune: What?! A teacher at the Academy? No, IóI could never do that. Itís an impossible dream. The DWMA despises witches. I could never bring Angela there. Who will protect her if I donít?

    Sword Art Online #6:
    Kirito: So, uh, how many times you been married, anyway?
    *Asuna threatens him with her fork!*
    Kirito: Wait, I didnít mean it! That didnít come out right! You were talking about how itís romantic and plastic andÖ
    Asuna: I did not say that, you ass! What I said itís romantic and pragmatic! For your information, the word ďpragmaticĒ means ďpracticalĒ! My god!
    Kirito: You think marriage in SAO isÖpractical?
    Asuna: Of course. If youíre married, everythingís out in the open. You know, because of common storage.

    Asuna: Hey. Say it was you and you married someone. And later on, you found out she had a side to her you didnít know about. How would you feel?
    Kirito: I guess that I was lucky? Uh, because, I mean, if you marry someone, that means you already like whatever you know about them, doesnít it? And if you discovered you didnít know about them before, and fell in love with that too, then that would be awesome?
    Asuna: Right, good answer.

    IGPX #19:

    Andrei: I always say, ďAge ainít nothiní but a number,Ē ladies.
    Liz: Just when I start to see why youíre a legend, you ruin the whole thing.
    Andrei: Knock it off!

    Andrei: Another power-hungry woman. I think I liked it a lot better when I didnít have to race them.

    Fantine: Iím sorry for everything. But out on the track, I knew I made the right decision. Youíve made me a better pilot. Itís true. Iíll always be grateful to you for that. Friends?
    Takeshi (disappointed): YeahÖ

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars #1.4:
    Intro: A plan is only as good as those who see it through.

    Anakin: Oh, the things you do to get me alone.
    Padme: Stop talking. *moves in for a kiss...*

    Padme: Ever since Iíve known you, youíve been playing with droids.
    Anakin: I used to put them together. Now I only take them apart.
    Padme: So where do we start?
    Anakin: First, we need to get rid of these droids so they wonít know we were here. Iím gonna hotwire the ship, give Grievous a little surprise.
    Padme: I guess Iíll clean up the droids, then.

    Big O Season 2 #7 (20):
    Angel: You said that we were two of a kind, didnít you?
    Roger: Thatís right, I did. We had both decided that we would choose our own destiny.
    Angel: Are we fighting on the same side?
    Roger: Theoretically, each of us has to fight alone. But I think, from time to time, weÖ
    Angel: Do you think our relationship is going to change?
    Roger: It already has.

    Angel: Why are you holding back?
    Roger: Iím not holding back, Angel.
    Angel: Then, why are youÖ*laughs* This is hilarious, Roger Smith! You arenítÖyou canít beÖdonít tell me, you and that perpetually foul-tempered android!
    Roger: Enough! Stop these preposterous insinuations!
    Angel: Itís preposterous all right!
    (Both lines are actually the same dialog when together, but I decided to split them up.)

    Inuyasha #87:
    Inuyasha: Who are you to complain anyway? You got it easy, ridiní that weird contraption of yours!
    Kagome: Thatís what you think! You really wanna know why I need to stop? Because my buttís gonna fall off! Ah?! Now look what you made me go and say!
    Shippo: Inuyasha, are you ready to take the blame if Kagomeís bottom gets deformed!
    Kagome: Thatís enough, Shippo!
    Inuyasha: Guess Iím outnumbered. But the second Kagomeís butt returns to normal, weíre hitting the road again. You got that?!
    Kagome: Inuyasha, sit!

    Resatsu: Woman, you never did tell me your name.
    Kikyo: Itís Kikyo.
    Resatsu: Ah, a bad joke for a dying man.
    Kikyo: The wheel of destiny is ever in motionÖeternal.

    Inuyasha #88:
    Monkey Spirits: Monkey bums are bright and red! More brains here than in your head!

    Farmer: Do you mean your hand got stuck to the boulder because of the monkey spell? Are you sure youíre a real dog god?
    Inuyasha: Of course not! Thatís what Iíve been trying to tell you!
    Shippo: Actually, heís about the furthest thing from a god.

    Inuyasha (in image spot): Stone Wielder Boulder Griever!
    Oh, hai, Adult Swim.
    4/1/12: Thanks to Adult Swim and Toonami, this date will live on as: Best. April. Fools. Day. Ever.


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