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    That commecial with the Terrifying Ghost/zombie thing..

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    Why, AS, WHY? It's simply just creepy and disturbing. Is Heart she holler a grossout horror thing?
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    You're shocked at a creepy AS bumper after all this time? Lol

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    I saw this last night while I was on the phone and was utterly baffled. From what I've read, before this there were spots where she just popped up and screamed, without any indication as to what they were for. (I've been watching scattered Family Guy reruns on AS for weeks now and never saw them.) Apparently, this spot I saw is a new one that reveals it's a promo for a show.

    Quote Originally Posted by trance2009 View Post
    You're shocked at a creepy AS bumper after all this time? Lol
    Most AS spots are just weird. This one was downright creepy to look at, in terms of both scariness and bizarreness. AS easily has some of the worst original programming I've ever seen on any network.
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