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    Toonami - Line of the Night [7/13]

    Like This Thread!

    veemonjosh is off on vacation and has asked that I get tonights Line of the Night thread posted. Expect last weeks 2 go up sometime tomorrow.

    The night begins with the Shonen Sunday action block of Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece. Soul Eater and IGPX are ready to race your way afterwards. Eureka 7 will surf your way, and Ed and Al's alchemy will save the day. Finally the search for the Shikon Jewel will end the night. Toonami's here, and the future is bright.

    As always you can post as many lines as you would like. The top lines will make it into the poll. ThunderCats, Sym-Bionic Titan, and Cowboy Bebop are not eligible for the poll. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is still eligible. Despite all the episodes having aired on Toonami, since the Line of the Night poll only counts against a series if that episode has aired in the past year, and since Toonami started last May and it is now July, then FMA: Brotherhood is eligible. If at all possible though, we would like lines that weren't submitted last time, or at least that weren't posted in the last poll.

    As for my missing Lines of the Night Polls, I will be able to do most of them at work this week, so hopefully everything can get caught up.

    Here's this weeks Lineup.

    Midnight- Bleach- 306- For the Sake of Protecting! Ichigo vs. Tensa Zangetsu!

    12:30 AM- Naruto- 33- Battle Formation: Ino-Shika-Cho!

    1 AM- One Piece- 215- Screaming-Hot Bombardment! Pirate Dodgeball!

    1:30 AM- Soul Eater- 21- May My Soul Reach You ‚Äď A Dry Heart inside Unbearable Isolation?

    2 AM- IGPX- 12- The Final Battle

    2:30 AM- Eureka 7- 46- Planet Rock

    3 AM- ThunderCats- 14- New Alliances

    3:30 AM- Sym-Bionic Titan- 19- The Steel Foe

    4 AM- Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood- 35- The Shape of This Country

    4:30 AM- Cowboy Bebop- 12- Jupiter Jazz, Part 1

    5 AM- InuYasha- 71- Three-Sided Battle to the Death

    5:30 AM- InuYasha- 72- Totosai's Rogid Training

    College football, basketball, the NFL, the NBA, and MLB. I may not be an expert, but these sports always keep me fascinated if the game is good!

    Beware The Almighty Hammer Gun!

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    Bleach #306:
    Aizen: And just who might you be?
    Don Kanonji: Huh?! You gotta be kidding me! Have you been living under a rock?! You donít watch much television, do you, smart guy?! All right! Iíll tell ya one more time! I am the--
    Tatsuki: So what did you come here for, Don Kanonji?
    Don Kanonji: WHYíD YOU DO THAT?! I was just startiní to do my own special copyrighted one-of-a-kind introduction! How can you be so cruel?! Come on!

    Rangiku: Why did you choose to go to work for Aizen? Answer me! Why on earth did you go and betray Izuru?! You betrayed his trust in you!
    Gin: Is that really what you want to know? Youíre upset that I betrayed Izuru? Sounds to me like youíre really talking about yourself.

    Tensa Zangetsu: What happens to what you want to protect is no concern of mine. What you want to protect, Ichigo, is not the same thing that I want to protect.
    Ichigo: But hereís the way I see it. What I want to protect has never changed. It may be very different than what concerns you, but thatís not the issue! I will protect whomever I want to protect!
    Tensa Zangetsu: And thatís what youíll use Getsuga Tensho for?
    Ichigo: Thatís right!

    Naruto #33:
    Zaku: Better a live sheep than a dead lion. Ainít that right, Fatso?
    Choji: Did I just hear that right? What did that guy just say?
    Shikamaru: Uh oh. He just pushed Chojiís button big time.
    Choji: You wanna try saying that again?
    Zaku: I said youíre smart to get out while you still can, Fatty!
    Sakura: UhÖhuh?
    Choji: That does it! Now this is personal! Itís a fight to the death between Leaf and Sound!

    Ino: IóI donít understand you guys. What kind of monster would attack their own teammate?
    Zaku: I guessÖmonsters like us.

    Sasuke: You seem to be very proud of these arms of yours. You must beÖvery attached to them!

    One Piece #215:
    (after Chopper transforms)
    Porsche: Oh no, whatís that?! Now heís not cute at all!

    Ref: Hamburg is safe!
    Robin: You sure? Article 54 states that while the face doesnít count, the top of the head is still fair game.
    Ref: UhÖ
    Rokuroshi: If I were you , Iíd start using my head first before somebody chops it off! The girl is right, Hamburg is out!
    Ref: Iím sorry, sir!

    (Zoroís out of the game)
    Sanji: Hey there, buddy.
    Zoro: Whatever youíre about to say, I donít want to hear it, especially after that stunt you just pulled.

    Soul Eater #21:
    Crona: I hate wobbly giggles!
    Maka: Thatís too bad, I like Ďem!

    Mizune: Huh. What a distasteful outfit.
    Blair: Like youíre really one to talk. Isnít this top a little drafty?
    Fish Shop Guy: HOOOOOTTT!!
    Blair: Didnít you die, or something?

    Soul: The fear of interacting with other people, huh? Even I get that one.

    IGPX #12:
    Michiru: Weíve come a long way. So, what do you say we go out there and have some fun? Donít even worry about winning!
    Takeshi: What?!
    Yuri: Ms. Satomi?
    Michiru: You didnít think I was serious? That was just a little joke! What are we doing this for anyway? To be champions! With that said, letís kick their ass!

    Andrei: Takeshi, youíre a fan of The Rocket, are you? Well if you win, Iíll introduce you to him.
    Takeshi: Huh?! Really?!
    Andrei: Yeah, really. But youíve gotta win.
    Takeshi: You got it!
    Liz: Yeah, that works out great for him, but whatís in it for me and Amy?
    Andrei: My love and affection.
    Liz: Ugh! No thanks, I think Iíll pass!
    Amy: Me too!

    Eureka 7 #46:
    Jurgens: Dominic, are you sure you want to share your destiny with this ship?
    Dominic: Of course, sir. I thought I already was considered part of the crew.
    Jurgens: Thatís not what Iím talking about. You know what I mean.
    Dominic: Iím sure sheíll understand all thisÖsomeday.
    Jurgens: Someday, huh? The fact that you still believe that is a sign you are young.

    Jurgens: Youíre using an altered signal hidden behind a dummy shortwave carrier. Do all lifters commit illegal acts like this?
    Holland: What are you talking about? In order to protect something important, we break the law, just like you guys do.
    Jurgens: So now Iíve fallen to the same level as thugs.

    Renton: Sis!

    Inuyasha #71:
    Naraku: Muso, I demand that you return to me.
    Muso: You must be joking!
    Naraku: The thought repulses me as well, but you were released too early, Iím afraid.

    Muso: I remember what happened, now. Youíre the one who killed Kikyo fifty years ago!
    Naraku: And in your twisted greed, you summoned the demons right to your side. Those same demons which devoured your flesh wished to kill Kikyo.
    Muso: It was your desire, not theirs!
    Naraku: I was not the one to blame. I am Naraku, and you should know that by now.

    Inuyasha #72:
    Totosai: They seem to be under the wrong impression. But Iím gonna get the bath!

    Bunza: So how come youíre being so nice to me?
    Inuyasha: Who knows? Maybe itís because one of my friends is about the same age as you are.
    Shippo: Ah-ah-atchoo!
    Sango: Whatís the matter, Shippo?
    Shippo: I think Iím getting a cold.
    Miroku: Either that or someone is talking about you behind your back.

    Oh, hai, Adult Swim.
    4/1/12: Thanks to Adult Swim and Toonami, this date will live on as: Best. April. Fools. Day. Ever.


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