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    Toonami - Line of the Night [6/1]

    Like This Thread!

    Another week of Toonami has arrived, and Tom and SARA are ready to make sure your eyes are kept open. An all new Bleach will lead things off, Uncut Naruto will be ready to fight, Luffy and comedy always feels right, your soul could be spared with an all new Soul Eater score, and crazy racing from IGPX could leave you wanting to roar. Afterwards reruns always feel right with Eureka 7, ThunderCats, Sym-Bionic Titan, FMA: Brotherhood, Cowboy Bebop, and InuYasha closing up the night. Now get ready to submit your lines, and leave a good ole roar, because Toonami is always ready to go and count up the score.

    For those wondering, expect the missing polls (4/6, 3/16, 3/2, & 2/16) to be added this week, hopefully at the rate of 1 a day. Would have finished them all today, but I watched my nephew from 3 PM- 12:15 AM, so most of my day was lost doing that.

    Tonight's Lineup:
    12 AM- Bleach- 300- Urahara Appears! Stop Aizen!
    12:30- Naruto- 27- The Chunin Exam Stage 2: The Forest of Death
    1 AM- One Piece- 209- Round 1! One Lap of the Donut Race!
    1:30- Soul Eater- 15- The Soul Eating Black Dragon ‚Äď Scaredy-cat Liz and Her Merry Friends?
    2 AM- IPGX- 6- Cat Vs. Dog
    2:30- Eureka 7- 40- Cosmic Trigger
    3 AM- ThunderCats- 8- The Duelist and the Drifter
    3:30- Sym-Bionic Titan- 12- The Ballas of Scary Mary
    4 AM- Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood- 29- Struggle of the Fool
    4:30- Cowboy Bebop- 6- Sympathy for the Devil
    5 AM- InuYasha- 59- The Beautiful Sister Apprentices
    5:30- InuYasha- 60- The 50 Year-Old Curse of the Dark Priestess

    The rules are as always:

    1. Submit your favorite lines from tonight's Toonami broadcast.
    a. Be sure to include the name of the show and, preferably, the name of the character who spoke the line.
    b. If an episode has aired on Toonami within the past 12 months, it cannot have lines submitted. This week, this rule applies to: ThunderCats, Sym-Bionic Titan, Cowboy Bebop

    2. After a submission period of 4 or 5 days, the quotes will be compiled into a poll (with a maximum of 30 options, you're almost guaranteed to get your line chosen)

    3. Vote for your lines, or other lines! People who don't submit lines can vote too!

    4. Rinse and repeat next week with veemonjosh.

    College football, basketball, the NFL, the NBA, and MLB. I may not be an expert, but these sports always keep me fascinated if the game is good!

    Beware The Almighty Hammer Gun!

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    "I do make for a better pillow!" - Liz, IGPX
    "Truth suffers, but never dies." - Saint Teresa Of Avila

    Halleluiah! Happy Easter Everyone ^_^

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    Bleach #300:
    Urahara: Well, this presents a problem. This iron armor was specially constructed and made for use against Hierro. I didnít think it could be destroyed so easily.
    Yoruichi: Hmm, what are you saying? From your tone, youíre implying that itís my fault.

    Aizen: I see. You overlook the fact that your leg still remains intact after being hit by me. It proves they are special.
    Yoruichi: You talkiní about my leeeegs?
    *Urahara snorts*
    Yoruichi: Whatís so funny, smart-ass?! *punches him*
    Urahara: Dammit, you hurt my nose!

    Naruto #26:
    Naruto: ďThey call this the Forest of Death! And soon enough, youíre gonna find out why!Ē Do your worst, youíre not gonna scare me away! I can handle anything!
    Anko: So, looks like we got ourselves a tough guy. You tough enough to handle this? Youíre not afraid, are you? Tough guys like you usually leave their blood all over this forest!

    Shikamaru: So, um, letís say mid-exam, can we quit?
    Anko: ĎCourse not. In the middle of a battle, you canít say, ďSorry, I quit.Ē Well, I guess you could, but itís probably gonna get you killed!
    Shikamaru: Oh, just great. This is gonna be a drag.

    Naruto: Excuse me a second. I really gottaÖyou know.
    Sakura: Yeah right! Get outta here! What is this, a kennel?! Not in front of me, you donít! Find a bush or something!
    ďNarutoĒ: Oh man, that was a lot! I wrote my whole name!

    One Piece #209:
    Usopp: We canít lose this thing. I just know theyíre gonna take Captain Usopp if they do!
    Nami: No they arenít, theyíre gonna take me. Iím the cute one!

    Sanji: Now pay close attention, Usopp. If anything happens to those two ladies, Iíll eviscerate you!

    Foxy: Iíve just come up with an evil idea!

    Soul Eater #15:
    Liz: You guys are absolutely crazy. Worse than crazy, youíre insane, crazy jerks! Insane crazy jerks with a death wish! Oh no! I was so busy focusing on their insanity that I came on board! Iím gonna diiiiiie!

    Ghost Girl: I donít have any reason to eat you. I only want to help you. If youíll just follow me, I can take you back to your friends, okay?
    Liz: I can see through you! Youíre lying! You wanna gobble up my hot body!
    Ghost Girl: No, Iím not gonna eat you. You just have to trust me.
    Liz: I might have big boobs, but Iím all skin and bones!

    Ghost Girl: Okay, thatís enough! Quit your childish blathering and follow me right now! OR IíLL SPANK YOU TO DEATH!
    Liz: Uhhhhh. Yes maíam, Iíll follow you anywhere.
    Ghost Girl: Glad we got that straightened out! Now get moving! For crying out loud, I donít see what you have to be so upset about anyway. I didnít even get to live long enough to have a hot body like you.
    Liz: Oh yeah, IĎm sorry I rubbed it in. Really. Patty, your big sis ainít doing so well!

    IGPX #6:
    Sola: I think itís time we took that kitty to the doghouse!

    Amy: Luca, are you talking to Sola right now?
    Luca: Yes typical dog babble. Itís not even worth repeating.

    River: Takeshi, I didnít leave because of our little duel. I left because I wanted the chance to take you on so that I could finally take you down. BangÖ

    Eureka 7 #40:
    Eureka: Are you happy you are having a baby?
    Talho: Half and half, I think. After all, Iím gonna have to deal with two kids now.
    Eureka: You mean youíre going to have two babies?
    Talho: No, thatís not it. Sometimes, Holland is like a young kid, just like Renton is.
    Eureka: I donít think Rentonís a young child anymore, Talho!
    Talho: What, youíre mad at me?

    Norb: With forty years of dirt off my skin, I feel like Iím gonna catch a cold!
    Holland: Well, weíve taken care of the biggest obstacle to getting in.

    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood #29:
    Marcoh: My god, this must be fate! I'm the alchemist responsible for the extermination of your people!

    Al: Hey, just hold on a minute! I don't know what this is about, but you can't fight like this!
    May and Lan Fan: Quit trying to interfere with the affairs of our country!
    Lan: My wounds aren't going to slow me down!
    May: Is that so? Well neither will mine!
    Knocs: WHAT THE HELL DO YOU TWO THINK YOU'RE DOING?!! *WHACK!* You're supposed to be resting in bed!
    May: Quit trying to interfere with the affairs of our--
    Knocs: I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE AFFAIRS OF YOUR COUNTRY, DUMB ASS!!! Jeez, it doesn't matter where you're from, you're both my patients! You're not planning on making an even larger mess around here, are you? Huh? Because if you do, you might release some unknown pathogen from the floorboards and kill everyone in the house!

    Inuyasha #59:
    Miroku: Um, Iíd like to ask you a question, Kagome.
    Kagome: Yeah?
    Miroku: Do you believe that stroking a womanís bottom could destroy the mutual trust between two people?
    Kagome: First of all, trust is built by respecting each otherís personal space.
    Miroku: Is that really how it is?
    Inuyasha: If Sango doesnít come back, itís you Iím gonna be pointiní the finger at!
    Miroku: Sheíll come back, all right.

    Sango: Miroku, were you actually that worried about me?
    Miroku: Oh, call it a premonition, if you will. I kept seeing you face, Sango. No matter what I did, I simply couldnít get you out of my mind. *stroking her butt again* Itís the truth.
    Sango: Thank you for your concern.
    Miroku: Donít mention it!
    Shippo: When is he ever gonna learn? Please donít let me grow up to be like him.

    Inuyasha #60:
    Naraku: Letís make Inuyasha suffer through another nightmare. A nostalgic dream about the woman he loves...killing himÖ
    Oh, hai, Adult Swim.
    4/1/12: Thanks to Adult Swim and Toonami, this date will live on as: Best. April. Fools. Day. Ever.


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