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    Toonami - Line of the Night [3/16 & 17]

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    Since you didn't specify a limit on EVA 1.11 lines, I've got plenty for that.

    Toonami Intro
    TOM: I would be saying Happy Birthday, but we don’t have that kind of money. We’ve got cake, though, and the Evangelion Movie 1.11, right after a new Bleach and Uncut Naruto. Enjoy.

    Bleach #289:
    Byakuya and Kenpachi (to Yammy): You’re in the way! Get lost!

    Tosen: Depraved? How is it depraved for Soul Reapers to become closer to Hollows? That’s a simplistic judgment from one who sees all Soul Reapers as good and all Hollows as evil.
    Komamura: You’re wrong! You betrayed your comrades, you betrayed your friends, you even betrayed your followers! All for the sake of gaining excessive power! That is the definition of depravity!

    Sajin: Kaname! I swear I will do whatever it takes to open your eyes to the truth!!

    Naruto #16:
    Sasuke: You…I hated you.
    Naruto: Then why? It doesn’t make any sense. Why did you…protect me? I didn’t ask for this! I didn’t ask for you to save me!
    Sasuke: I don’t know. My body just moved. There was no time to think…loser…! *falls*

    Haku: He found a strength he didn’t realize he had. Why? Because of a certain person who was precious to him. To save that person, he rushed in, knowing it was a trap. He was a true ninja…worthy of honor. Is this the first time you have seen a friend die in battle? This is part of what it means to be a ninja.
    Naruto: Shut up. I…I hated you too, Sasuke. And yet…You’ll pay for this!
    Haku: Hm?
    Nine-Tail Naruto: I’M GONNA KILL YOU!!!

    Rebuild Evangelion 1.11: You Are [Not] Alone:
    Misato: Are you okay?
    Shinji: I think. I just can’t get this dirt out of my mouth.
    Misato: I’ll take that as a “yes”.

    Shinji: Dad, why did you send for me?
    Gendo: I think the reason has already been made obvious.
    Shinji: So, what? You expect me to just get in this thing and fight? Is that it?
    Gendo: Correct.
    Shinji: But that’s crazy! Why are you doing this?! You never wanted me here before! Why now?!
    Gendo: Because now I have a use for you.

    Gendo: If you’re going to do it, do it now. If not, leave!

    Shinji: I mustn’t run away. I mustn’t run away. I mustn’t run away. I mustn’t run away. I mustn’t run away! Fine, I’ll do it! I’ll be your pilot!

    Ritsuko: What did you say?
    Misato: You heard me. I said I decided to let Shinji stay at my place. What’s the big deal? I cleared it with the higher-ups. You don’t have to worry about a thing. I promise I won’t put the moves on him!
    Ritsuko: I should hope not! Why would you even say something like that?! Honestly, it’s nothing…!
    Misato: Oh yeah, she never did have a sense of humor.

    Shinji: M-M-Misato! There’s a thing!
    Misato: A what?
    Shinji: And I – uh – it – I don’t know – uh -!
    Misato: Oh, that thing. He’s a bird, actually, a warm-water penguin.
    Shinji: Since when do birds like that even exist?!
    Misato: Since always, I guess. Though they’re rare these days. His name’s Pen-Pen. I should’ve mentioned he lives with me. Just think of him as another roomie. And uh, now that you’ve met, why don’t you go cover up?
    *Shinji slinks away*
    Misato: Maybe I was acting just a little too cheery, but it was all I could do to keep a straight face.

    Misato: What you did the other day was a good thing, an admirable thing. You should feel proud.

    Ritsuko: Have you heard of the Hedgehog’s Dilemma?
    Misato: Hedgehogs? Those little spiky critters?
    Ritsuko: See, with hedgehogs, even if they want to get close to one another for warmth, the closer they get, the more they risk hurting each other with the quills on their bodies. It’s really no different for the people. Shinji is worried about what will happen if he lets someone get too close. He’s afraid of that pain, and that’s made him pull away completely.
    Misato: Well, he’ll figure it out someday, that part of growing up is allowing yourself to get hurt sometimes. To keep letting people in until you finally find that safe distance where you can be close without hurting each other too much.
    Ritsuko: I hope you’re right.

    Fuyutsuki: I had my doubts, but in the end, your son behaved exactly as you predicted he would.
    Gendo: Yes. Next I’ll have him begin getting closer to Rei. The plan will proceed unchanged.
    Fuyutsuki: Following the script we laid out for these children fourteen years ago. The story of their lives…it’s almost cruel.

    Rei: Would you get off me?

    Rei: Tell me, you’re Commander Ikari’s son, aren’t you?
    Shinji: M-hm.
    Rei: Then why are your scared? Don’t you have faith in his work?
    Shinji: No, how could I? I mean how could anyone? What’s wrong?
    *Rei slaps him*

    Shinji: You know, there’s a chance we could both die on this mission.
    Rei: You’re wrong. You won’t die, because I will protect you.
    Shinji: But maybe I’m not worth protecting.

    Shinji: “You have nothing”? Really? You were just gonna leave me on that? And that whole dramatic good-bye thing? Don’t do that again, okay?And that whole dramatic good bye thing? Don’t do that again, okay?
    Rei: Why are—why are you crying? I’m sorry. I guess I don’t know what to do in situations like this.
    Shinji: You can start by smiling.
    *She does, and they join hands.*

    Kaworu: I already know. If you’re waking me, the child has appeared, and we’ve entered the summation stage, right?
    Kiel: Correct. The Apocrypha of the Dead Sea Scrolls has been passed into the Book of Law. The Time of the Covenant is close at hand.
    Kaworu: The third one again, huh? You haven’t changed. I’m looking forward to seeing you, Shinji Ikari…

    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood #18:
    *Lt. Ross is found alive!*
    Mustang: Back east, where I was, it’s a nice place. None of the big city noise. Lots of beautiful women.
    Edward: That damn colonel!
    Armstrong: OH-HO-HO, LIEUTENANT ROSS! Thank the heavens! My heart's been congested with grief!
    Ross: Ah! No hugs Major!

    Inuyasha #37:
    Koga: She risked her life to save her friend. She’s loyal. *jumps down* I’m gonna make you my woman!
    Kagome: Huh?!

    Inuyasha: So…what exactly happened between you guys?
    Kagome: Inuyasha…What do you take me for anyway?!! I have some self respect! I can’t believe you’d even ask me that!

    Inuyasha #38:
    Shippo: Miroku, I thought you told us not to go anywhere near the well in case Inuyasha sees us.
    Miroku: Yeah, I know, but I couldn’t resist watching Inuyasha make a total fool of himself!

    Inuyasha: Damn, she’s asleep already.
    Kagome: Inuyasha…
    Inuyasha: Huh? She’s talking in her sleep. Is she dreaming about me?
    Kagome: …sit.
    Inuyasha: UGH! Her dream is my nightmare!

    Oh, hai, Adult Swim.
    4/1/12: Thanks to Adult Swim and Toonami, this date will live on as: Best. April. Fools. Day. Ever.


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