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    Toonami - Line of the Night [3/2]

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    The time has come for another Line of the Night. Yes, I'm a bit behind again. Blame it on work. However I will do my best to get it up tomorrow. You all know the rules. Submit your favorite lines from Toonami premier episodes. Cowboy bebop and Sym-Bionic Titan aren't eligible for the poll. Now sit back, relax, and jot down your favorite lines to post here.
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    Bleach #287:
    Chigo: So youíre saying weíre thieves now?
    Chaido: No, not thieves, burglars.
    Chigo: Oh, well thatís a lot better! Thanks for clearing that up!

    Ura Vira: Oh you poor fools, use your heads. Did you really think that with all this priceless treasure lying around, I wouldnít be prepared for break-ins?
    *releases a giant boulder*
    Chigo: A giant boulder?! Really?! Thatís such a clichť!
    *releases dogsÖ*
    *Öthen arrowsÖ*
    *Öthen laser beams!*
    Chigo: Laser beams?! Oh come on! Thatís a clichť and an anachronism!

    Ren Jin: This is your fault! She is going to die because she granted you those wishes. I should curse you, but instead I mustÖswallow my pride and ask you a favor! Save Rukiruki before itís too late!
    Chigo: Things sure happen fast around here.

    Ni no Kuni Review
    TOM: The only downside, get ready to grind, and grind, and even if you like grinding, by the end, this game will make you griiiiiiiiind!

    Naruto #14:
    Kakashi: This is a battle, not a talent show! Donít let your opponent see your jutsu! The shinobiís art is deception; always keep the enemy guessing! Even when executing a single jutsu, one must distract their opponentís attention, catch them off balance and outmaneuver them! You just turn yourself into a human target when you enter a battle like that!
    Naruto: AAAAAHHHH!!! Iím sorry! I was just trying to rescue everybody!

    Kakashi: Naruto is building a solid reputation as the most clueless ninja in history; the more he helps, the worse things get!

    Soul Eater #3:
    Liz: What right do you have to talk about symmetry anyway?! Three stripes on the left side of your hair and not on the right?! That doesnít look symmetrical to me!
    Kid: AHH! Youíre right! Iím an abomination! Iím filthy and dirty and unbalanced! Why is there only one set of stripes! Iím garbage! Asymmetrical garbage! I deserve to die!

    Pharaoh: The Wrath of the Pharaoh! Wrath! Wrath! Wrath! Wrath! Wrath! Wrath! Wrath! Wrath! Wrath! Wrath! Wrath! I will come and deliver the final blow myself.
    Kid: Right. Left. Right. Left. Right. YOUíRE DISGUSTINGLY HIDEOUS!
    Liz: Itís all over, now!

    Kid: Letís say goodbye to the beautiful Anubis.
    *CRACK! BOOM!*
    Patti: You broke the Pharaoh! (x8)
    Kid: What did we do?!
    Liz: You went a little nuts in there, donít ya think? Crazy!
    Kid: Iím a pig! A louse! A useless cow! I destroyed Anubis! Such utter garbage cannot be allowed to live! I deserve to die!
    Liz: No, you donít need to die! I mean, who hasnít destroyed one or two pyramids in their life? Really!
    Patty: See? Itís okay!

    Thundercats #22:
    Wilykat: Are those glob-o-gooies?
    Wilykit: You mean the hard-to-find-secret-recipe-seven-layers-of-mouth-watering-flavor-changing-super-sour-sweetness-glob-o-gooies?
    Both: Mm-mmm!
    Wilykat: Yeah, thatís them!

    Wilykit: Tookitís kleptovoyance was wrong about us being brought to him for a reason.
    Wilykat: There was a reason, sis; it was to make sure they could have a different life.

    Eureka 7 #29:
    Talho: So you can fight without knowing the reason why?
    Renton: I canít fight at all. And I donít have the will to fight either.
    Talho: Really, even if this war was started by that famous father of yoursóAdroc Thurston, who saved the world?

    Talho: He was convincedóhe was absolutely convincedóthat the Corallian was an intelligent life form. That was why he searched for a way to coexist. His conviction was cemented by the emergence of a human-shaped Corallian. The name of the humanoid CorallianÖis Eureka!

    Tenchi Muyo! GXP #17:
    NB: Yoshiko, I was so lonely last night! Whyíd you leave me out here?!
    Yoshiko: Goodness, heís a cute little dog, isnít he?
    NB: Dog?!

    Katsuhito: Iíve prepared a ceremony so that I may remove any bad luck from the girls. Hopefully, it will protect them from your misfortune, Seina; that is, if youíre lucky. Hahahahaha!
    Seina: Do I get a ceremony?
    Katsuhito: Youíre bad luck is far too overpowering. Thereíd be no point!
    *Seinaís hit by a paint bucket*
    Noike and Tenchi: Are you all right?
    Tenchi: What was that?
    Noike: I think it was a paint bucket.
    Katsuhito: And my point is proven.

    NB: I thought she was just kidding, but she really did think I was a dog! Oh, my heartís broken!
    Seina: Iím so hungry!
    NB: Lonely!
    Seina: Hungry!
    NB: Lonely!
    Seina: Give me my chicken!
    NB: Give me my Yoshiko! And I wouldnít mind some of Seinaís chicken as well!

    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood #16:
    Edward: We just heard about Lt. Col. Hughes.
    Ross: Yeah, itís rough news, huh?
    Edward: There was still so much we wanted to tell him about.
    Alphonse: We wouldíve liked to say goodbye.
    Ross: We werenít able to reach you. Donít worry, though. The military gave him a proper send-off.
    Edward: Wow, that was nice.
    Ross: Thatís how itís done. Also, if you boys havenít heard already, Iím sure youíll both be glad to know he was promoted two whole ranks.
    Edward: Up to Brigadier General?
    Alphonse: He retired to the country and they promoted him?
    Ross: *gasp*
    Edward: Lt. RossÖ?

    Inuyasha #33:
    Sango: Not that Iím complaining or anything, Kagome, but why arenít you with Inuyasha?
    Kagome: I, um, uhÖ (thinking) Because right now, he only cares for Kikyo, thatís why. Besides, why hang off Ďim anyway? Heís not even my boyfriend! Oh no, I think Iím blushing! I am! I am blushing!
    Shippo: Whatís the matter with Kagome?
    Sango: Donít ask me.

    Kikyo: Go, Naraku, gather the shards of the jewel. And once youíve found them all, then I will send you to Hell. Iím free to hate. My soul is so much freer than it was then. Free to hate, free to love.

    Inuyasha #34:
    Myoga: Sorry, I forgot to warn you about his temper.
    Tottosai: Donít worry, Iíll sneak it away when heís not looking and melt it into cutlery. *Inuyasha thrusts Testsusaiga at Tottasai's face* AH-HA! Iím only joking!

    Kagome: Youíre the one who started this whole thing!
    Tottosai: Did I really?
    Kagome: No wonder heís pals with Myoga! Theyíre both real pros with the innocent bystander act!
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