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    C&C - Tenchi Muyo! GXP - "Homecoming" [2/23]

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    Episode 16
    Japanese Title: Homecoming
    Dub Title: Homecoming

    WARNING: Spoilers will not be tolerated! Yes, I realize this series has been around since 2002, and I realize it did air on the FUNi Colours TV anime block (It aired back in 2006, so this isn't a dub premiere), but this is its first exposure on [adult swim].

    Synopsis: Seina Yamda is your average ordinary everyday teenager, if you take away one thing. Seina is the most unlucky boy known of in the entire universe. However Seina has decided to join the prestigious GP Academy. He hoped that the training at the GP would allow him to win the love of his life, assuming that the two women fighting over him didn't kill each other first. Now, as a Captain, Seina finds he can gain new found respect or ultimately lead the GP down the path of a horrendous defeat, but which way will his luck lead him to?


    The pirate threat slows down for a time allowing Seina and his crew to return to Earth. Seina finally learns what his families life is like without him around. Will their store have prospered? Also Seina's parents and friends must learn what life is like for Seina with 3 women fighting over him. 3, or is that 4? The first thing the team learns is that Neju has also come to Earth, and she is staying with Seina's family. Will Seina be able to adjust to life with all his new enhanced abilities? These questions are just a few that will be explored on an all New GXP, only Toonami on [adult swim].

    Your cast of characters:
    Seina Yamada: The main character who seems to have horrible luck. Seina has enlisted in the GP and hopes to use it to his advantage to gain the love of Kiriko, but now he has been made a captain and finds that Kiriko is one of the individuals he is to command.

    Kiriko Masaki: A young lady that has always been friends with Seina, despite his horrible luck. Kiriko has always favored Seina and done things like make him cake. After being demoted from immigration to the GP Academy as an instructor, Kiriko was told to turn Seina into a man during the next 6 months. Now that Seina is a captain, she has been made a member of his crew, but her mission hasn't changed.

    Amane Kaunaq: A mysterious lady that Seina runs into through a horrible series of events. She asked Seina to join the GP, but consequences followed. Amane was demoted from second class detective to a GP Instructor, and now she has been made a member of Seina's crew with the responsibility of rounding up pirates any way possible.

    Ryoko Balta: This mysterious woman is a former leader of the pirates, but when she if offered a chance to work with Seina, she must decide if it is the GP or a pirates life for me that will be the best way.

    Fuku: This young crew member is actually the Kamidake 2's main computer core. As a real life being and a relative of Ryo-Ohki, Fuku must learn how to battle as the crew grows. Fuku has very sensitive feelings and easily bonds with Neju, but she also has a hard time bonding with anyone who won't show her love

    NB: NB is a specially made AI Assistant Robot. However Amane decides to tamper with NB, completely altering his original programming. Now NB is willing to serve any of the ladies or his master, but he also has a few ulterior motives.

    Neju: This girl is a very kind loving soul who takes the opportunity to talk to Seina and reveal she can talk with ships when they first meet. Little does anyone realize, outside of Seto, that Neju is actually a 2000 year old priestess and is the leader of her planet. Due to a number of assassination attempts, Neju seeks out someone who will protect her for the remainder of her life.

    Tarant Shank: Shank is the leader of one of the most dangerous pirate fleets. Shank aims to eliminate Seina and his crew at all costs, but sometimes his own ingenious plans come back to haunt him. Can Seina and crew find a way to keep safe and defeat Shank in the process?

    College football, basketball, the NFL, the NBA, and MLB. I may not be an expert, but these sports always keep me fascinated if the game is good!

    Beware The Almighty Hammer Gun!

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    Last time: Spaceship cats have moods.
    (I nearly forgot this!! THIS IS WHY SHOWS HAVE PLOTS!!)

    And the first thing we see are her breasts. Thanks Nabeshin.

    All right. They're wearing dresses.

    I did not miss the pink-haired guy.

    Two of them are overdressed and the robots wants to see them underdressed.

    Amane looks like a football player in drag.

    My thoughts exactly, Scab Ryoko, but how do you know about football?

    Oh, it's that guy who hates Seina.

    Well, THAT was pointless.

    Oh Lord no. Not his little sister. If that android has a SHRED of decency...

    Ever since you left home, things have been going better than ever!

    That kid who sounds like Sayako Kumashiro is back.


    In a big house somewhere in outer space with two ladies and a catgirl who turned out to be a humanoid space pirate.


    "I've been giving him special hands-on training!"

    About time the robot got put in the doghouse.

    I was kinda hoping the pirates would come back. Kidnap someone, make something happen...
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    I knew that robot thing was a pervert, and now hitting on Lolis.

    Next week, Tenchi fans need to watch even if you don't like this series.

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