Huge Update From the Toonami Tumblr:

Hello Toonami faithful! We want to thank you for all of your amazing support this year. In fact, we’ve got a holiday present for you! But you’re gonna have to work for it a little bit (hey, nothing’s easy right?). On Christmas Day, we plan to release a sequel to our “Toonami Black Hole Megamix,” called “Toonami Supernova Megamix”! It’s a free hour (or so) long downloadable mixtape created by DJ Clarknova and Brent Busby, aka Skull Island. An hour of music from the last 6 or so years of Toonami, mixed together with some voice over bits and some clips from our favorite shows!
SO: What do you guys need to do to get this? Two things: 1, we need more followers for this tumblr! Get us to 3500 followers by noon on Christmas Day. You can do it! The second thing? Let’s see if we can get every show on Toonami to trend this weekend (yes, even Tenchi GXP)! We need to keep our shows and Toonami trending, especially since Neilsen is about to start including Twitter stats in ratings breakdowns.
That’s the challenge. Help us- and get free stuff on Christmas day!
Oh, we almost forgot. We decided it might be nice if you guys, the FANS, got to make the cover for the Supernova Megamix! Submit all designs for your cover to Jason’s Twitter account: We’ll pick the one we like best, and make it the official cover of the mix! We’ll also make sure to call out the creator on Tumblr and Twitter, so serious entries only please.
Welp, that’s it! Hope you’re excited about this. We’re putting the finishing touches on the mix right now, and we can’t wait to drop it on you guys! Can you help make it happen?? We think you can.
Love, the Toonami Crew.
I hope the fans help make this a reality.