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    The Idea of a Toonami channel

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    A Toonami channel could work fine if the block on AS does pretty well. It could simply replace Boomerang as a 24/7 ad-supported action channel. While Boomerang could just go back to being a block on either Cartoon Network or TCM. I know it doesn't happening anytime soon, but anything's possible.

    Do you think a Toonami channel would work? Share you're opinions.

    For more recent news and updates about the new Boomerang, check out this blog!

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    I think that they would need to get a lot more new shows to be an ad-supported channel. Not to mention a huge budget just to become a channel. While it sounds nice, I'm okay with just having a Toonami block. Getting a channel would probably be way too difficult for them to do. Maybe if the block does really well, they could try to get it a run their weekday lineup, like maybe an hour or two, but I'm fine with just having the block.

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    Yeah let's just see if Toonami can start an hour earlier before we jump to a full channel.
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    The difference between a Toonami channel and Boomerang is that Boomerang is easier to maintain.

    CN owns the entire Hanna-Barbera library and their own original shows, so they save themselves a lot of money on programming.

    Toonami won't be so easy. They'd have to purchase the rights to a lot of anime and action programming from third-parties, and continually pay for the rights to those shows.

    As of right now, Toonami is fine at 6 hours, one night a week. A 24/7 network would be strenuous on its already limited budget.


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