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    Startin Naruto from the beginning.. Why?

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    They should have at least started with Shippuden. It will take forever to get caught up if it even does at 1 ep per week. I`m trying to see the logic here.
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    Disney still has the rights to Shippuden according to Jason DeMarco. They can't get it until Disney's contract is up.

    They are paying for Naruto with each episode they run. That's why they can't double up either. At the same time, Naruto's been highly requested so they're gonna give Naruto a shot to see if it can pull down some ratings.

    Also, it's a show that will be left untouched by standards and practices and they want to show the uncut footage from the very start. The hope is by starting over they can win over newbies as well as pull in those who've lapsed.

    I am sure AS will double up once Shippuden becomes available and if Naruto's ratings are strong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scirel View Post
    They should have at least started with Shippuden. It will take forever to get caught up if it even does at 1 ep per week. I`m trying to see the logic here.
    Well there are numerous reasons(I'll just go ahead and name the obvious):

    1)Disney still has the rights to Shippuden sadly.
    2)Naruto instead of no Naruto series at all is better : ).
    3) It can help bring its audience back in by starting the series from the start.

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    Since Disney still owns the right to Shippuden, they can't air it for the time being. Even then, starting off with uncut Naruto makes sense. It will appeal both the fans of the series, as well possibly get the attention of new fans, which could give them good ratings. Considering that it costs money to air just one episode of any series, they really can't afford two episodes of Naruto a night, especially when that would take up an hour and a half of the block. I think that they could do that at some point if Naruto does well in ratings, which it probably will, they get a bigger budget and the block gets another hour, but for now, they can just air one episode a night.

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    Would you rather they start at episode 40?

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    Another probable bonus to starting over, with it being 'uncut' is hearing at least the original intros. We heard ROCKS play 'in' the episode, didn't have an intro theme. There's that chance we'll see the actual opening slides to Episode 2. We also didn't hear intro #3 (Kanashimi wo Yasashisani). When CN's Toonami played the series, original intro #2 (Haruka Kanata) was used as dub #3 with different slides.
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