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    Honestly I feel like if they were going to keep it around, they would have worked out an extension with Viz. I doubt we'll see it again any more likely than say Eureka Seven. Final Act may have a shot tho.

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    Eh, what;s the point if I can't hear Ocean Group. It's like if Gundam Wing was set in Warring States Japan.

    In any case, while a bit sadden by the loss of Inuyasha, it's not really a surprise. After showing the anime for over a decade, it was bound to get retired. Still, I have fond memories of the show back when it first aired in the early 2000's. And finally making it to air on a reborn Toonami seems apropos.

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    I started watching this on Toonami,but didn't finish it here and now that was the right decision it seems. I'm personally not going to miss it. It starts out fine, but then gets repetitive as hell. It could've been a lot shorter than it is. But it was just so much of the same and with the sole exception of the Band of Seven arc that luckily was the last thing to air, I don't find any of the arcs particularly good either. That said, I think it would've been nice if it had aired all its episodes on Toonami for the sake of completion. It did really well too, though less well after they put Star Wars before it. I have not watched The Final Act yet, because I was really tired of InuYasha when I finished it, but I will at some point because I am a bit interested in seeing a conclusion to the series and I might as well finish it after 167 episodes and four movies. If it were to come on Toonami, that would be a great place to watch it. I imagine it would do really well too. Personally though, there are things I would rather have on.

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    I always hated InuYasha as a kid. I gave it another chance with the manga two years ago as an adult. Now I'm a fan of it. Weird.

    I honestly think InuYasha would have been much better overall if it was only half as long as it came to be. The biggest thing that held back the series, and drove people away from it, was the repetitive, slow storylines in the beginning of the series. Stuff like Tsubaki and the Red Tetsaiga end up being wastes of time that don't affect anything that happens later on in the series. This can get irritating, and distracts from the good elements of the story too. Once the Band of 7 arc hits, though, I feel the story becomes much more focused and the second half of the series is pretty great, though I will admit that the Moryomaru arc could have been half it's length, but I like a lot as is anyway The final few volumes of the series, basically everything that gets covered in The Final Act, is brilliant stuff and by far the best parts of the entire series. I've seen even anime critics who hated the first series to find the Final Act to be quite good. And considering how maligned the first anime is among "elitist" anime critics, that means a lot.

    I think InuYasha has a good story and good characters. If only the pre-Band of 7 stuff was a third, maybe a quarter of the length it was, it could have been much fonder remembered than it is now, in my opinion. That said, the first anime exacerbates the mangas problems and is a slog to me, so it's no wonder people came to hate or dislike the series only experiencing that. I'll take the manga over the anime (yes, even Final Act, though I think it is great adaption) anyday, and I consider it a "favorite," though it's by no means my favorite work by Rumiko Takahashi nor would I consider it a "top favorite" either. But at the end of the day, it's a good series, and one that I would re-read again, though I would never sit through all of the anime another time nor do I want it back on Toonami.
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