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    8/27 Schedule Update - Cleveland Show, Black Dynamite pilot, Robot Chicken, Superjail, Restless Bell

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    The Black Dynamite pilot FINALLY makes its TV premiere after the movie airs on September 2.

    New season of Robot Chicken, starting with the half-hour DC special, September 9 at midnight.

    The Cleveland Show couldn't wait for 2013: It premieres September 29 at 10:30 and September 30 at 9:00.

    New season of Superjail on September 30 at 12:15.

    Something called "RB" premieres 4 episodes in a row during DVR Theater from September 3-6. Does anyone know what that is? EDIT: It's a live-action series called Restless Bell. Read BrianLeague's post below.

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    Black Dynamite also hits the weekday strip the last week of September at 1AM replacing Superjail and China, IL. 1AM is becoming a half hour of Titmouse shows lately. That may be a coincidence but might also be intentional.

    BD reruns on Sunday keeping Robot Chicken out of the 11:30 slot seems like a bad idea, BD is no RC in the ratings.

    It should be noted just the other night Adult Swim said The Cleveland Show would start airing at 10:30PM on Sunday 9th and at 9PM on Monday September 10th. Did they push that 20 days or is this schedule already out of date?

    Cleveland at 10:30 following Family Guy on Saturday paired with BD and uh... BD (I mean Boondocks) makes plenty of sense but it wont get an encore on Saturday. The 9PM airing on Sunday is throwing the show to the dogs though. Why run it at 9PM and follow it with two KotH episodes instead of the other way around?

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    So Cleveland Show is getting the weekend treatment before becoming daily? American Dad was like that at first, so I figure they'd keep it the same for Cleveland Show.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daikun View Post
    Something called "RB" premieres 4 episodes in a row during DVR Theater from September 3-6. Does anyone know what that is?
    According to the backdoor schedule, it's a show called Restless Bell. The episode titles are "Cabana Boy", "Shower Up", "Sex Ed", and "Holding the Bag."

    Megan Hayes and Dan Mengini are going to be on the show, according to their Facebook and Twitter pages.

    I also found an image to go with it from one of the cast member's Tumblr page:

    This is me on set of the new Adult Swim series Restless Bell that airs next month. I will make my television debut in one episode as a bully victim.
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    I heard some people saying Restless Bell was somehow a kind of sequel to The Rising Son. I am interested to say the least.

    And yeah since New Family Guys will probably be airing soon on FOX Sundays at 9 PM idk why they would put Cleveland against it in that slot.

    Also, I feel like maybe Black Dynamite should be getting better ratings than it is. It's certainly a fantastic show.

    And I'm also annoyed that Venture Brothers is apparently throwing Home Movies out of its one and only slot on Saturdays.


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