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    Well, I think Byakuya gets points for that.
    Oh, hai, Adult Swim.
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    So what is Koga's relationship to Byakuya? Is he his uncle or cousin or whatever?
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    It is Koga's own fault for losing touch with his own zanpaktu. Irony of all irony is Muramasa turned all the zanpaktus against the soul reapers when they all believed in we are all one, but remained to Koga the one guy that really didn't deserve it.

    Look like Byakura vs Koga, Byakura going to fight his step dad. Is that the right term since Koga was married to his mother before she was married to his dad. Maybe Koga is Byakura's father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roomate.

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    Episode 251 was pretty sweet,

    The highlights:
    The Koga/Muramasa flashback backstory continues, cool.
    So epic of Koga to kill those stupid jealous Soul Reaper noble jerks, YYEESS, they so deserved it!!!!!!!
    Poor Koga goes to the darkside becoming an evil insane psychopath, sweet.
    Poor Ginrei to see his grandson turn evil/psychotic.
    Poor Muramasa to see his wielder turn evil as well.
    So that's how Koga was defeated/sealed by Genryusai/Ginrei, great.
    Koga's reason for stabbing poor Muramasa is because he thinks zanpakuto are tools that obey their masters' commands and thinks Muramasa betrayed him, which he's the next greatest horrible/heartless Soul Reaper jerk worse than Sosuke Aizen/Byakuya/Mayuri/Soi Fon/Makoto Kibune put together, sweet, he's becoming a great dangerous/threatening filler villain.
    Byakuya vs. Koga begins, awesome, I knew it that Byakuya went undercover with Muramasa somehow, but I'll see the reason next episode.
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    I know they're filler cannon fodder, but those nameless soul reapers who tried to attack Koga by running up to him while holding their swords above their heads, leaving their entire chest exposed, which Koga promptly slices, were just pathetic.

    Koga vs. Byakuya huh? The two Kuchikis that are the most full of themselves. Should be interesting.
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    I have to admit I was king od surprised at just how quickly Koga was made into a villain here. With you know him not only killing those soul reapers who set up him but pretty much everyone and then not wanting to even speak to Muramasa anymore and see him as his sword. And you know I actually do feel bad for Muramasa here since he IS a zanpkato who are suppose to be linked to their soul reapers. And as he pointed out he didn't know for a long time that Koga had neglected him (though how would he even hear what happened? Can Zanpaktos leave their inner worlds somehow without training for bankais since I don't think that was ever said in the show) and then when finally getting him being cut down by his own soul reaper for something that wasn't really his fault. Since if's the strength or heart of the reaper that determines if they can hear their sword, not the actual sword itself. I guess we'll be seeing why Byakuya saved him and exactly what his deal is more next week so hope some good comes from that. Still though IMHO this and the last episode could of been done as one really since if the focus is just going to be on how bad a soul reaper Koga wound up being before being sealed we didn't need all that time trying to symphatize with him if there's nothing really left of him to care about. Then again there are worse examples of stretching out even in this arc and hey at least the flashbacks seem to be over and now we're getting into the final battles though if Muramasa's severly hurt and Koga's going to fight Byakuya whose Ichigo going to battle since in these filler arcs he always has to get the final battle no matter what even if it doesn't make sense for him to.
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