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First Details on Upcoming "Teen Titans Go!" and "The Batman Strikes!" Issues

by on September 13, 2005

Writer J. Torres was able to provide Toon Zone News and The World’s Finest with info on upcoming issues of the popular Teen Titans Go! and his fill-in issue on The Batman Strikes!.

“We’ve got a couple more ‘split’ issues planned like #22,” says Torres. “I don’t think I can name the artists just yet, but I will say that for the next split, one story involves BB and Cy taking on Dr. Light while the other has Speedy and Aqualad taking on Trident. I’ll be starting work on the third split issue sometime next month. But these issues are shaping up to be our version of the ‘Brave and the Bold.'”

“Right now, I’m working on issue #30 which has Nightwing in it and soon after that I’ll be plotting the Doom Patrol issue, which hasn’t been assigned a number yet but I’m really excited to tackle that one.”

In addition to his full-time writing duty on Teen Titans Go!, J. Torres will be providing the story for an upcoming issue of The Batman Strikes!.

“It’s supposed to be #16, which comes out this December. The regular art team of Chris Jones and Terry Beatty did the art,” says Torres. “The story involves the Joker stealing the Batmobile.”

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