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Gamescom 2017: Final Fantasy 15’s Inevitable PC Version Revealed

by on August 21, 2017

Dealing with skeptical friends who believe Final Fantasy 15 will never, ever be ported to PC? Ready to BLOW THEIR MINDS with the following news?

Yeah, it’s not that big a surprise. But Square hadn’t officially announced the product until today. Final Fantasy 15: Windows Edition, as it’s called, will contain the entire game, all the improvements made to it since its initial release, and all the DLC content you needed a Season Pass to access on consoles. It’ll also have some new features like an anytime first-person camera mode, and of course it will display in 4K with ultra hi-res textures.

Square will be bringing the fanciest-looking version of Final Fantasy 15 possible to PCs with the aid of Nvidia (the announcement was made during Nvidia’s Gamescom conference). The game will be optimized with the Nvidia Gameswork tech suite and will also support the GeForce Experience share tools package, making in-game photos and ShadowPlay highlights easy.

You’re going to have to own a fancy rig to run it. Here are the recommended specs:

• Monitor: supports 4K & HDR
• GPU: Geforce 1080Ti
• CPU: Intel i7 3.4ghz or Ryzen 7 1700
• RAM: 16 GB
• 5.1 or 7.1 surround headphone
• HDD: 170GB

Final Fantasy 15: Windows Edition will go on sale exclusively on Steam sometime in early 2018.

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