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February 2008 Programming Highlights

by on January 16, 2008


There is more than just romance going on this February on TELETOON as Spin Cycle brings back-to-back episodes of top TELETOON shows throughout the month as well as some slushy Valentine specials to television screens the week of February 11. Also in February, action fans can power-up with episodes of Bakugan, Chaotic and Di-Gata Defenders after-school Monday to Friday and movie-nuts will get their fill of family fare with TELETOON Presents each Saturday at 9 am and 5 pm ET/PT.

For older viewers, The Detour on TELETOON travels to a galaxy far, far away with Robot Chicken: Star Wars followed by the start of the brand- new third season. The Detour on TELETOON also unleashes new episodes of Punch! Each Friday night while Friday night also sees the F’n Good Movie strike television screens, airing titles such as Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and Spaceballs.

Spin Cycle Goes Slushy?
For one week only Spin Cycle gets a bit lovey-dovey with Valentine-themed TELETOON shows including Wayside, Carl2, Totally Spies! and 6TEEN. On February 11 a Valentine’s Wayside sees a puppeteered pigtail bring Todd and Maurecia together. In Carl2 on Tuesday, February 12, Carl sends his clone on a date so that he can spend more time with his new videogame not considering the consequences of what might happen if his clone falls in love. On Valentine’s Day itself, 6TEEN fans can enjoy four back-to-back episodes of the award-winning show including two romantically inclined episodes that follow the gang as their Valentine’s Day plans fall to pieces and Caitlin scores a date with a totally cute guy, provided she can find a girl for his goofy friend.

Fan Friday Face-Off
The Spin Cycle Fan Friday Face-Off continues throughout February as top TELETOON shows go head to head to decide which is the ultimate fan favourite. Viewers can vote each week for their favourite show at teletoon.com with the winning pick revealed each Friday on Spin Cycle.

After School Action
At 3:30 pm ET/PT Monday to Friday, Dan and his friends continue to battle their Bakugan monsters to save the parallel universe of Vestroia and ultimately the Earth from destruction in adrenaline filled episodes of Bakugan. After Spin Cycle each Monday to Friday at 6 pm ET/PT action strikes again with a triple-bill of Class of the Titans, Chaotic and DI-GATA Defenders.

Back-to-Back Favourites
In addition to back-to-back Wayside and 6TEEN, Spin Cycle also shows four back-to-back episodes of shows including Johnny Test and Delilah and Julius this month. On February 19, viewers can check-in with Johnny and his devoted dog Dukey in the super-powered Johnny Test beginning at 4 pm ET/PT while TELETOON is taken over by secret spy business on Thursday the 21st with four episodes of Delilah and Julius.

TELETOON Presents goes Batty
This February, viewers of TELETOON Presents, each Saturday at 5 pm ET/PT, can take a trip to Gotham City with four live-action Batman movies. On February 2, Batman comes-up against The Joker in Batman, directed by Tim Burton. Batman Returns, featuring Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman comes to televisions on February 9, while Batman Forever, starring Val Kilmer airs on February 16. Batman & Robin with George Clooney and Chris O’Donnell in the title roles airs as the TELETOON Presents movie on February 23.

At 9 am ET/PT each Saturday morning, TELETOON Presents includes movies such as Daffy Duck’s Fantastic Island on February 2, starring the ill-tempered mallard and a host of other Looney Tune favourites including Speedy Gonzales, Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig. On February 16, the girls with a passion for fashion scare each other silly with stories at a sleepover in Bratz: Kidz Sleepover Adventure.

At 11 am ET/PT on February 3, TELETOON Presents sees the three Mascaritas – Rikochet, Buena Girl and The Flea drive the evil force of El Maléfico back from where he came in the colourful ¡Mucha Lucha!: The Return of El Maléfico.

New Episodes Continue
Throughout February viewers can catch new episodes of the brand new series Fred’s Head, following the teenage lives of Fred Leblanc and his friends, every Saturday and Sunday evening at 8 pm ET/PT. New episodes of the award-winning, 6TEEN air every Sunday at 6 pm ET/PT and Saturday sees back-to-back comedy with new episodes of Squirrel Boy at 3 pm followed by new Kappa Mikey at 3:30 pm ET/PT.

The Detour on TELETOON

Robot Chicken: Star Wars
The Force is strong with The Detour on TELETOON on Friday, February 29 when the very special, Robot Chicken: Star Wars airs at 9 pm ET/PT, the half hour episode takes an irreverent yet affectionate look at the Star Wars universe and features the voices of George Lucas, Seth MacFarlane, Hulk Hogan and Malcolm McDowell. Following Robot Chicken: Star Wars, fans of Robot Chicken can dive into season three of the hit series with two new back-to-back episodes.

Detour Love
Romance also sticks-it to The Detour on TELETOON schedule on Valentines’s Day as, in a lust-laden Futurama at 8:30 pm ET/PT, Fry and Amy get hot on Mercury and Bender begins a computer-dating service. Valentine’s Day comes to Bromwell High at 12:30 am ET/PT bringing with it romantic confusion and the formation of an “ugly class” for all those pupils too homely to receive a Valentine’s card.

The F’n Good Movie
The F’n Good Movie in February kicks-off with The Detour on TELETOON premiere of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow on February 1 at 10 pm ET/PT. A futuristic, sci-fi thriller, the film features ground-breaking CGI effects and stars Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and Jude Law. On February 8, Beavis and Butthead take over The F’n good Movie in the riotous Beavis and Butthead Do America and the world is protected from international terrorists when the puppet-powered Team America: World Police airs as the F’n Good Movie on February 15. The month ends with The Detour on TELETOON premiere of Mel Brooks’ legendary Spaceballs on February 29.

The brand new series Punch! continues throughout February with fresh episodes, squeezed straight from the world of celebrity scandal, each Friday and Sunday night at 9:30 pm ET/PT.

TELETOON is where cartoons live – all day, every day. Available in both English and French in over 7.2 million Canadian homes, TELETOON brings kids, youth and adults the best in animated entertainment. Too hot for daytime, from 8:30 pm ET/PT The Detour on TELETOON is the place to catch fearless and irreverent cartoons aimed at teen and adult audiences. TELETOON is also available On Demand and on Mobile TV. Founded in 1997, TELETOON Canada inc. is owned by Astral Media Inc. (50%), and Corus Entertainment Inc. (50%)

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