Nickelodeon Promotes Kaufman to Exec VP

Nickelodeon has promoted Pamela Kaufman to Executive Vice President, Marketing and Worldwide Promotions, the network said today. Kaufman will add oversight of domestic and international marketing operations as well as promotional partnerships for The N, Noggin, Gas and Nicktoons. She will also work with the international division to expand Nickelodeon’s partnerships with international channels. [Source: […]

Manning To Appear at NYC Signing

Spider-Man Unlimited‘s Matthew Manning will be doing a signing at Jim Hanley’s Universe (on 33rd Street in New York City) on Wednesday, January 5, from 5:00pm to 7:00pm.

Multiple DVD Award Nominations for 'Lion King 1½', 'Comic Book: The Movie'

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Nominations for the fifth annual DVD Exclusive Awards have been announced, and Disney’s The Lion King 1½ leads with a total of 11 nominations in eight categories. Also receiving multiple nominations: Shrek 2, The Simpsons, Mary Poppins, The Star Wars Trilogy, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King–Special Extended Edition, Barbie as […]

DIC to Produce New Trollz Cartoons

The New York Times is reporting that DIC Entertainment is creating a new cartoon as part of a cross-marketing effort to reinvent Trolls toys for newer audiences (free registration required). Remade into Trollz with the appropriate teen pop star makeover, the new products will be prepackaged, mass-produced “Best Friends For Life” to a generation of […]

Has Dreamwave Closed Down?

Newsarama reports that comic book publisher Dreamwave is shutting its doors. The website cautions, however, that the announcement was not made through regular channels, but notes that the company’s official website has disappeared. (via Adam Tyner)

R.I.P. Will Eisner

Newsarama.com reports that comics legend Will Eisner passed away on Monday night at the age of 87 due to complications from his recent open heart surgery. Eisner worked in the comics industry almost continuously since 1936, first defining modern comic book storytelling techniques in his Spirit comic strip. Later, Eisner coined the term “graphic novel” […]

Jae Lee to Write Exclusively for Marvel Comics

Jae Lee will now write exclusively for Marvel Comics, the company announced today. Lee gave some clues to what the near-future holds for him: I’m working on a moody Hulk story with Peter David. After that, it’ll be all out action with a writer who’s no stranger to widescreen comics, featuring a character we’ve all […]

"Shrek" Franchise Delivers $1.6 Billion in Consumer Home Entertainment Spending

DreamWorks Animation’s Shrek franchise has generated over $1.6 billion in consumer home entertainment spending since its inaugural launch in 2001, with the record-shattering VHS/DVD release of Shrek. The current video in the franchise, Shrek 2, has sold more than 37 million units worldwide since its November release — making the third highest grossing feature film […]

DreamWorks Names Rick Sands President & COO

DreamWorks SKG has named Rick Sands President and Chief Operating Officer. In his new post, Sands will oversee the management of day-to-day operations of the private company. Sands will report directly to principal partner David Geffen. Rick Sands previously served as COO of Miramax Films. [Source: PR Newswire]

"Fantastic Four" Trailer in Theaters Soon

Cinescape has reported that a trailer to 20th Century Fox’s Fantastic Four will ship with prints of Elektra, due out on January 14th. The trailer will run one minute and twenty-five seconds.

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