Robot Chicken: Please Stop Greenlighting, Adult Swim

Robot Chicken is Adult Swim’s latest disaster piece of a Newgrounds fallout to air on its pitiful Sunday night lineup. And it’s amazing that there is still no justification for stop motion animation on TV, going as far back as Gumby or Land of the Lost. I’m not dissing the medium, but even after decades […]

Back to the Oven with "Robot Chicken"

Toon Zone staffers got an advance peek at Robot Chicken, Adult Swim’s latest animated series. Here are four brief reviews:

"Mew Mew Power" Joins 4Kids TV Lineup

Mew Mew Power is scheduled to join the 4Kids TV lineup effective this Saturday, February 19. The Japanese-based animated property follows the adventures of five girls who possess the powers of endangered animals and must battle aliens who want to destroy mankind. These contemporary teenage girls must accomplish all of this while juggling their time […]

Nickelodeon Brings everGirl Brand to Toy Fair

Nickelodeon is bringing a new line of playthings based on Nickelodeon Consumer Products’ first lifestyle brand for tweens, everGirl, to Toy Fair 2005. The everGirl property, targeted to girls ages 8-14, integrates a website, pop music, and a customized line of apparel and accessories to create a healthy lifestyle brand that allows tweens to explore […]

Disney's Toontown Online Expands with Second Advanced Gameplay Area

Disney Online today announced a highly-anticipated expansion in Disney’s Toontown Online. The new area, Cashbot Cog Headquarters (HQ), is designed for advanced players and delivers more challenging gameplay, platform style puzzles, and a completely new eight-person boss battle. Cashbot HQ follows the successful launch of Sellbot HQ, the first Cog Headquarters which debuted in March […]

Dora the Explorer's Home Comes to Life in "La Casa de Dora" 10-City Mall Tour

On February 19, Nickelodeon kicks of “La Casa de Dora,” a 2,000 square-foot, Latin American-inspired exhibit with a terracotta tiled roof house with several rooms and a courtyard. Each section of “La Casa de Dora” contains play and problem-solving activities with bilingual elements. The exhibit debuts in Denver and will travel around the country to […]

Cabbage Patch Kids Nominated for Toy of the Year Award (Updated 2/17)

4Kids Entertainment, licensing agent for the Cabbage Patch Kids, has announced that the Toy Industry Association has selected the brand owned by Original Appalachian Artworks Inc. as a finalist in the 2005 Toy Of The Year (T.O.T.Y.) Award in the Property of the Year category. Also receiving honor this year as a finalist in the […]

Toon Disney March 2005 Highlights and New Episodes for Animated Series

Listed below are highlights for Toon Disney in March 2005, follwed by descriptions for new episodes airing in March. Please note that schedule information is subject to change without notice. Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! Marathon Sunday, March 13 (8:00 pm – 12:00 am ET/PT) Eight back-to-back episodes of everyone’s favorite robot monkeys. This […]

Viz to Move "Animerica" from Newsstands to Conventions

ICv2 News is reporting that Viz’s Animerica magazine will stop publishing as a newsstand, direct market, and subscription publication as of its June issue. It will distribute a revamped Animerica at anime conventions, starting with Anime Expo in July.

"Loonatics": So Dethpicable?

Animation historian Michael Barrier calls it “terrifying.” Amid Amidi uses the word “desecration.” The mainstream press wonders what is wrong in Burbank. “Have our Looney Tunes taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque?” asks the Boston Herald) “Has Warner Bros. gone daffy?” speculates the New York Post. Even the staid Wall Street Journal (in its print […]

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