"Midori Days" Vol. 3: A Satisfying Conclusion to a Satisfying Drama

Before I begin, let me say this: Midori Days, despite what many people on the Internet claim, is not a zany comedy with gut-busting laughs every minute. Oh sure, it has some funny moments in each episode, most of them awkward and/or imaginary. And yes, it begins as more of a comedy: the general weirdness […]

"Hanaukyo Maid Team" Vol. 3 Kind of Messy

The newest maid anime in a long line of maid anime has reached its conclusion. But you wouldn’t know from watching it. In fact, the third and final disc of Hanaukyo Maid Team had me scrambling for information on when the next volume was coming out. Sadly, however, a fourth volume just isn’t in the […]

Japan's Oldest Anime Uncovered

A Japanese anime film believed to have been made shortly after 1900 has been uncovered in Kyoto. The film was discovered in a Kyoto home and later handed to Natsuki Matsumoto, an expert on iconography at the Osaka University of Arts. Both he and animation historian Nobuyuki Tsugata of the same school believe that the […]

"Hanuman" Gets Theatrical Release in India

Sahara-Percept is set to make a major theatrical push for Silvertoons’ 2D animated feature Hanuman, AWN reports, citing Animation ‘Xpress. Directed by VG Samant and based on the famed character from Indian culture, the story follows Hanuman’s antics as a child as he grows up, gaining superpowers and becoming a mighty warrior.

Peter Urie Joins TV-Loonland

Peter Urie has been appointed chief corporate development officer at TV-Loonland, World Screen reports. Urie will take responsibility for strategic business development and sourcing potential acquisitions to help grow the company’s portfolio. He will also serve as managing director at Metrodome, overseeing and managing their video and theatrical distribution business.

CN Gets Early Emmy Wins

Although the primetime Emmys will not be announced until September, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has announced winners in the juried categories, with Cartoon Network taking six. C21Media has details.

'Spawn: The Animation' Voice Actors Revealed

Each week Spawn.com puts up a new article about the upcoming Spawn: The Animation series that is well into production. This week is the list of voice actors who will be participating in the series. The list ranges from Keith David reprising his role as “Spawn”; to Michael Jai White as one of the new […]

McFarlane Toys Unveils 'Corpse Bride' Toys

At Comic-Con, McFarlane Toys gave fans a first glimpse of the upcoming toy line based on the film Corpse Bride. Today they unveiled the entire line, viewable here. A featurette on the figures will likely come online sometime around the film’s release in September.

Disney Adds Board Membership Qualification; Faces Down Labor Protestors

Stung by recent accusations of corporate malfeasance, the board of directors of the Walt Disney Company has adopted a new provision which will compel any board member to resign if a majority of shareholders withhold their votes during his or her re-election. The announcement comes as Disney is fending off accusations of poor working conditions […]

NYT Interviews Ricky Gervais about "The Office," "Valiant"

British actor Ricky Gervais has been interviewed by the New York Times about his upcoming work, including his role in the computer-animated Valiant (free registration required). Gervais talks about his role in The Office, his current projects, and why he turned down a Shakespeare adaptation to act as a computer-generated pigeon.

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